Top 5 moments from Veer Zaara

Love it or hate it (really?), but you definitely cannot ignore the magic of late Yash Chopra's romantic saga, Veer Zaara. On this day, a decade back, the film clashed at the box office with Abbas - Mustan's Aitraaz, during the 'big' Diwali weekend. While Aitraaz got a good response among the masses, it was Veer Zaara that went on to win everyone's heart. While a few critics and audience members argued that the slow pace and stretched climax may have affected the film, die-hard romantics and fans of Shah Rukh Khan (and may I add, fans of Chopra sir) overlooked their analysis and went on to become of the last few films to celebrate a winning silver jubilee at the cinemas. Some of the romantic and emotional moments in the film were enough to melt any heart.

So, as fans of Veer Zaara across the world celebrate their decade long affair with this epic saga, we list our  top 5 favorite moments from the film, that will stay with us for years to come.

1. The First Meeting

There have been numerous first meeting scenes, but this one is special (and adorable). While Zaara tries to save her bag (and herself, apart from her bebe's ashes, of course), our charming Veer Pratap Singh just can't take his eyes off this damsel in distress. A few minutes of rescue operation later, Veer gets into an argument with Zaara over her obsession with the bag. But she calmly explains the reason and well, our handsome pilot can't help falling for her again. Oh, and that background score is to die for (throughout the film, to be honest).
Note: Please don't miss Veer's (Khan) charming expression at this point!

2. Crossing The Bridge

How can we miss this one? Perhaps one of those moments that can go down in the history of Bollywood's most loved romantic scenes. Again, Zaara is the damsel in distress and our beloved Veer comes to her rescue. There goes Lata Mangeshkarji's beautiful voice again and the background score goes a notch higher, as we see Veer pick up Zaara in her arms, as he crosses the bridge without any sign of pain on his face (that's real love for you). Girls, if you don't fall in love with Veer (Khan) here, then I don't know how to help you.

3. Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini's surprise entry

The film released when I was just a 12-year-old, who wasn't much into film trade or news (and I am still not into film gossip, yay). So, while watching the film in a cinema hall, Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini's entry came as the big surprise. It definitely had to be the film's best kept secret, as Khan and Zinta's looks were already revealed and we knew that the late Madan Mohan's songs were re-created to compile a special album. The audience couldn't stop whistling and clapping, as they noticed a zestful Chaudhary Sumer Singh (Bachchan) playing with a bunch of kids in a field, followed by Maati's (Malini) loud call for her husband, from a beautiful little house nestled in the golden - yellow fields. I personally loved every moment and scene shot in Punjab, right from the Veer - Sumer Singh (Khan - Bachchan) bonding to the well choreographed (and sung) track, Lodhi.

4. Separation at Atari Station

Very few directors can capture moments of separation in the most natural and honest manner. Chopra was one of them and the way he handled the separation scene at Atari station was absolutely amazing (and heart warming). If you are one of those emotional film buffs who can't help but cry at every second scene, beware! This one will definitely make you weep. Veer (Khan - fantastic at emotional scenes, as always) gathers the courage to explain his feelings to Zaara, but all the effort goes down the drain when he spots Raza (again, a surprise entry by the amazing Manoj Bajpayee), her fiance. The result? An emotional moment between the two, where their actions speak louder than words. And then, comes my favorite dialogue from the film - “Agar kahi kabhi bhi koi dost ki zaroorat pade, toh bas itna yaad rakhna ke sarhad paar ek aisa shaqs hai jo aap ke liye apni jaan bhi de dega. That, followed by the lovely Do Pal in Sonu Nigam and Lata Mangeshkarji's voice (Oh! What a song). I can watch this sequence on repeat!

5. Veer - Zaara reunite + Veer's speech

The handsome man, who looked suave in the Air Force uniform and aviators, is now a grey haired, old and feeble man, who has spent several years of his life behind the bars. His crime? He is wrongly imprisoned as an Indian spy. But the fact remains that despite Veer's respect for Zaara's father, the much respected Jahangir Haayat Khan, Raza frames him, only to take revenge against the man who dares to love his future wife. All said and done, the two lovers cross each other's path once again, thanks to Veer's lawyer Saamiya Siddiqui (excellently portrayed by Rani Mukerji). They meet, with a joyous smile and tears in the eyes (with the wonderful Tere Liye playing in the background) and embrace each other. Love knows no age or barrier, and Veer - Zaara's bond explained just that. And who can forget, the soulful speech by Veer, that leaves everyone inside the court mesmerized (and us too). "

"Main qaidi No.786, jail ki salaakhon se baahar dekhta hoon. Apne gaon ke rangon main lipti ek nayi Zaara ko dekhta hoon. 
Mere khwabon ko poora karti, khud ke khwaab bhool chuki hai woh. Mere logon ki sewa karte karte, apne logo ko chod chuki hai woh. Uska daaman ab khushiyon se bharne ko dil karta hai. 
Uske liye ek aur zindagi jeenay ko jee karta hai. 
Woh kehtay hain mera desh uska nahi, phir kyon mere ghar woh rehti hai. Woh kehtay hain main us jaisa nahi, phir kyon mujh jaisi woh lagti hai. 
Main qaidi No.786, jail ki salaakhon se baahar dekhta hoon…” 

Of course, there were many other moments, like the one where Zaara meets Veer one last time 
before her wedding, or the one where Saamiya finally spots Zaara living in Punjab, at Chaudhary Sumer Singh's house. But hey, we had to chose our top 5, and we did!

Do you have a favorite too?
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