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You know what's the power of a good film? The fact that it feels like a festival at the cinemas, and not just any other film that the audience is out to watch on the bring screen (only to bring out their phones and play candy crush in the middle of a crucial scene). Nope, you won't get to see such things around you, because that very person is most likely to break into a dance when 'Zinda Banda' plays. Well, that's Jawan for you. Good ol' entertainment with full-on mass vibes! 

And if the record breaking collections (so far) are anything to go by, the film is steadily turning out to be one of 2023's biggest blockbusters. Well, as cinegoers, some of you may have seen the film already. And if not, you ideally don’t need any reason to go watch #Jawan (because YOU MUST). But, if you are someone who isn't too sure or has contemplated booking their tickets, here are 5 reasons why you must go out there and watch Atlee's Bollywood directorial debut:

The magic of SRK
Nobody does it like ‘King Khan’. Period! Shah Rukh Khan puts his heart & soul in a character, and his charm is unmatched. But with #Jawan - be prepared to expect the unexpected. There is a reason why he truly is the ‘last of the superstars’. Jawan feels like a festival at the cinemas, and SRK is THE GOD! You gotta see it to believe it.

Atlee's vision
Needless to say, director Atlee is a genius! Personally, I have loved his work - especially films like Theri, Mersal (and I've always admired how he styled his lead characters, and envisioned a manner in which the film would be presented), and I wholeheartedly appreciate his craft. True to his promise, Jawan is a complete package of pure entertainment, with high octane stylised action and whistle worthy moments. Moreover, the film highlights important social issues and delivers a very strong message - with key moments that tug your heart. Full props to ‘captain’ Atlee for delivering this powerful MASS film!

Plot twists galore
If you are thinking of taking a popcorn break in between the film, drop the idea! You will be hooked (so be prepared and get your stock or popcorn in advance). Jawan is a larger than life film that keeps you on the edge of your seat, all the way till the end credits. With terrific plot twists, surprise elements & thrills (and not to miss - SRK’s cool looks that keep on giving); be prepared for an exciting ride!

Girl power
The Women of Jawan take things a notch higher. Boss Lady Nayanthara steals the show. Her portrayal of ‘Narmada’ is powerful and packs a punch. That swag is just something else. Also, her chemistry with SRK is just so refreshing and lovely! Chief’s army including Sanya Malhotra, Priya Mani, Girija Oak Joshi & co were simply fab. Their backstory is crucial, and will leave you feeling numb. Ridhi Dogra too delivers in a small, but pivotal role. Of course, this appreciation is incomplete without the mention of Deepika Padukone’s impactful cameo. And clearly, nobody does it like her. Roughly 20 mins of screen time and yet, she leaves a mark with her impeccable performance! Plus, some good ol' Padukone-Khan chemistry. At its core, Jawan also celebrates Women and their unstoppable will to fight against all odds.

Behind the scenes
The technical aspects of the film are something to watch out for as well.
Anirudh Ravichander's Bollywood debut is impressive. The man, who recently delivered the chartbuster 'Jailer' soundtrack, has delivered yet again with a powerful album. Songs like Zinda Banda, Not Ramaiya Vastavaiya make you wanna get up and Dance (for real), while Chaleya is so dreamy and beautiful! Plus, the choreography is a big hit, with hook steps becoming popular among dance enthusiasts and fans. I quite liked the hook steps and overall presentation of these songs. My favourite has got to be #NotRamaiyaVastavaiya on the big screen (won’t share spoilers, but stay back during end credits. Vikram Rathore NAILS it). Anirudh's BGM creates a strong impact - especially with all those smashing SRK entries. G.K Vishnu's cinematography is a visual treat! Ruben's editing is crisp and sharp. This one’s a complete team effort!!
Well, I guess those reasons are enough for you to go out there and enjoy this larger than life film on the big screen. This is Shah Rukh Khan's revival of Bollywood's good ol’ Angry Young Man, in his own unique, impressive style. Something that will be remembered for a long, long time!

And, if these reasons aren’t enough - go watch it for SRK as #VikramRathore. Period!

PS: While I talk about the strengths, I must add - Vijay Sethupathi as Kaali has a strong screen presence and performs well (my only concern was that his character could've been sketched out in a better way. There was a lot of potential).

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Priya Adivarekar aka Dancebee

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