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While a whole bunch of ladies can't stop getting their hair straightened or colored, the other lot is ready to shell out any amount of money in order to get thicker, smoother hair with incredible volume. Well, hair rituals maybe a way out, but that cannot be your one stop solution. One needs a product that can not only add volume, but give some much needed life and energy to limp hair. The first time I came across Bed Head TIGI's Small Talk was at the LFW Apartment, during a makeover with the Bed Head team. This adorable little bottle may just be the magic potion you are looking for. So, we decided to try the Bed Head TIGI Small Talk for a fortnight and came up with an honest review. 

Product: Bed Head TIGI Small Talk 3-in-1

Price: Rs 950

Quantity: 200 ml

What does it promise?: Thickifier - Adds body and volume, 
Energizer - gives life to limp hair, Stylizer - Defines, separates and controls.

What works for us: This handy product comes in an adorable purple bottle, with a neon green pump (again, extremely handy). Anywhere between a pea or hazelnut size should be enough for hair below shoulder length. If you keep in mind the quantity, amount used and price, the product sure is value for money. We like how the product not only adds volume, but also makes your hair smooth. A normal blow dry after use should be enough to make the product work wonders. You will notice how your hair doesn't clump up. The light consistency of the product will not weigh your hair down, which means, it is perfect to use even during those hot, humid afternoons. Another win-win is that the product smells good, with a mix of grape and blueberry. Small Talk is a miracle product for limp, flat hair.

What doesn't work for us: Nothing to do with the product, but the lack of instructions on the bottle might be a problem for some. Maybe!

Verdict: During the review period, a pea sized amount was enough for my hair to look fuller and shinier throughout the day (after a normal blow dry). I stepped out for several interviews and meetings during the afternoon, but the humid weather didn't affect my hair, nor did the product make it greasy. The product didn't make my locks stiff, but did add a nice texture (despite the fact that I changed my hair style twice - thrice on some days). We highly recommend this magic potion, Small Talk, that does yield big benefits!

Ratings: 4.5/5

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