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 Where are you from?

Who takes the pictures that you have uploaded in a post?
Photographer (as credited) | Team Dancebee (product images)

Why the name 'Diary of a Dancebee'?
The idea was to give this website a personal touch. The name 'Dancebee' is an extension of the founder's personality - a complete dance crazen at heart and someone who is always on her toes, a la the 'Busy bee'. Ultimately, the word was coined by using 'Dance' and 'Bee'. And since blogs are traditionally a form of online diaries, the word Diary was added to it. 

Where else can we get in touch with the Dancebee or her team?
You can find us on Twitter and Instagram, where I discuss and post most of my recent finds, things I love and loathe, and lots more. Also, our Facebook page is updated regularly. You can get in touch with us via email at info@priyaadivarekar.com
Also, don't forget to follow our Team account on Twitter - @TeamDancebee
Instagram - @dancebeebollywood

Do you put up press releases?
No, we do not accept press releases. All the posts include thoughts and opinions of the author. Each product review has an honest judgement, which is posted after a week or fortnight long use.

Do you keep spending your money on apparel and makeup everyday?
No! For someone who comes from a middle class background, splurging and spending money left,right and centre is definitely not my thing. Although I am a shopaholic, I think twice before purchasing anything. I just keep a list of important things to buy, along with a set budget, instead of picking up things with a blind eye. I don't run behind brands. It's all about shopping smart.

What is your personal style mantra?
I have always believed that style should be an extension of one’s personality. In my case, it is creative, fun and yet, very subtle and chic. My personal style changes with mood and state of mind. It can be laid back or casual on one day, and the next day, I may go all chic or edgy. Style, for me, is all about how you put together the right outfit for yourself, without worrying about the brand or label. A classic, crisp white shirt with denims and statement necklace is just as stylish as a bandage dress brought from a high-end store. But there is one thing that I always swear by. No matter how much I experiment, I always give comfort the top priority. You may own the best of brands or some of the most stylish outfits. But if you are not comfortable, it will eventually show.

Can we become a part of you team in anyway?
Yes! We are always on the look out for talented writers. Know more about our recruitment process here and also, meet our team!

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Priya Adivarekar

Priya Adivarekar - Founder and Creative Director at Diary of a Dancebee. She is also a renowned Voice Actress and award winning artiste, with serious passion for dance. When not working round the clock, she can be seen reading, enjoying a movie-binge or listening to music.
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