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We have always been a fan of actress Jacqueline Fernandez' luscious locks and flawless skin. And her association with one of our favourite beauty brands - The Body Shop, is like an icing on the cake. She is the perfect ambassador for promoting skincare products with a cause. Her no-make up selfies and glowing skin has always been the subject of conversations. So, if her Instagram posts don't inspire you to take of your skin immediately, we don't know what will! 
Post an event (where she was spotted launching the all new Spas of the World and Oils of Life range by The Body Shop), we caught up with Jacqueline for an exclusive chat on all things skincare. Dressed in a canary yellow matching separates by Be The Circus and stunning Louboutins, Jacqueline was being her usual self - enthusiastic, energetic and ever - so - happy. After a quick chat on our favourite products by The Body Shop (Yes! We both love the Fuji Green Tea range), we settled down to decode her beauty secrets. Excerpts from a fun conversation:

Image Credit: Rohan Shrestha
What's your favourite product from the latest range by The Body Shop?
Ah! It is very difficult for me to choose just one, because I have been using a lot stuff by The Body Shop and have become very fond of some products. Every time a new range is launched, I test almost every single product. There is something amazing for each season, with different fragrances and ingredients. I love the fact that they keep introducing new stuff almost once every month. Right now, I am loving the creams, which have an incredible texture and are perfect for winter. Once you use any cream by The Body Shop, it is very difficult to move on to anything else. Also, my current favourite is the Oils of Life range, and I particularly like the Facial Oil (read our review here) which is perfect for winters. 

What's that one beauty mantra that you swear by?
Indulge in hair spas, or best, ensure that you oil your hair regularly. Go for a facial steam. Also, I have always found facial massages very useful. One won't really pay attention to something like this, but as a kid, I would always watch my Mom massaging her skin well while moisturising. And now, we also have facial massagers that can be used with your regular cream or oil. I think it's a very important element that needs to be included in our daily skincare regime, as it helps in more elasticity and keeps your skin feeling smooth.

And your personal beauty mantra for winters?
Moisturise, moisturise and moisturise. Ensure your skin is well hydrated!

Was there any particular product or skincare regime that you loved while growing up in Sri Lanka?
Nothing particular as such, because both India and Sri Lanka are like sister countries and we pretty much share the same ideals when it comes to beauty, especially the ingredients. We are very big on the properties of coconut, so we do use it a lot for skin and hair care. Also, we use a lot of natural ingredients, especially from exotic fruits, just like India. Plus, consuming them does help in maintaining good skin and hair.

What was the first beauty product that you remember using?
I think it was one of my mom's creams. So, I used it for moisturising. That is one thing I clearly remember. Every time I used to see my Mom getting ready for work, she would be moisturising her skin well. She would always see it to that her skin felt good. So, I guess that is one thing I took from her. No matter how much time it takes, I always make sure that I moisturise my skin well everyday. I am really huge on creams and anything that makes your skin smell and feel good. Also, that is one reason why The Body Shop's upcoming Spas of the World range is amazing. The ingredients leave your skin feeling smooth and supple. It's like pampering yourself at home.

Jacqueline Fernandez at the launch of The Body Shop's new range

So, do you follow a regular skincare routine?
Yeah, I do. And I think CTM (Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising) is extremely important. Also, I never go to bed with my make up on. That's a huge no-no. I always use a good make up remover, which is easy on the eyes. Also, a good cleanser is essential. I use the Vitamin E cleanser by The Body Shop, which makes my skin feel squeaky clean after a long day. I also use toners and moisturisers. But now, I have also included the facial oil in my daily skin routine. The skin needs to feel hydrated, supple during winter and the facial oil leaves my skin feeling just that.

Do you think fitness plays a major role in the way your skin looks?
Absolutely! Exercising regularly takes good care of your skin from within. The minute you have good skin, half your battle is won, as you will require less covering up. Just a little bit of enhancements on the eyes, lips and you are done. So, taking good care of your skin is extremely important, with the right amount of sleep, good diet, exercise and the right products.

What are favourite your make up essentials?
I allow my skin to breathe as much as possible. Even at home, there's no make up at all. But, I always ensure that I am wearing sunscreen. But, when I step out, some of my essentials include a good concealer, BB cream that can both moisturise and provide decent coverage, a nice primer to smoothen out your skin. More than that, it depends. If I feel like making my eyes pop, I go for lots of mascara or if the lips, then bold lipsticks. But my most favourite make up item has to be a Blush. Using a blush is very important! That is definitely my essential.

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