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Abraham Maslow, a humanist psychologist, came up with some pretty awesome things back in the day; some of which I use as daily jargon. His hierarchy of needs (imagine a Food Pyramid), listed exactly what the title says, things you NEED. Like in a food pyramid, the bottom level contains your most important food groups like bread, cereal and rice, Maslow’s pyramid includes physiological needs. I will skip to my favourite physiological need: the need to be fed! Maria Goretti, popular ex-MTV VJ, popular food YouTuber and wife of our favourite Circuit aka Arshad Warsi, has made sure that our most important need is taken for through her new book, “From My Kitchen to Yours”.

I have to admit, I love cooking. So when our editor, Priya, asked me to review this book, my first thought was, “Yaaaaaaaas! New recipies!.” Having said that, Goretti’s book did not excite me much after I went through the listed recipes. What I did love was the narrative that came with the recipes. Goretti is, clearly, a storyteller and the tiny pieces of life she presents before each month is what I enjoyed. She clearly has an eye for simplicity. This was reflected in her recipes and well as her layouts and designs. The subtle colours, adorable mason jars and tiny hearts that were sprinkled across the book really do make it a great look through.

I did venture into my kitchen to put together some of the recipes. The soups were my favourites: the palak soup and the potato and leek soup have made it into my daily diet. The grilled zucchini stuffed with arrabbiata pasta was another favourite along with the chicken breast in coconut cream. I do wish she had some more “fun” desserts but, I think, her simplicity is her superpower. Also, she has spent a lot of time balancing the flavours and that really makes the food sooo good! I cannot stress enough on the design and the photography of the book, it just made me super hungry (actually, I am hungry just thinking about it all!).

With the holiday season around the corner, Goretti’s book makes for a great present. And here’s wishing Goretti lots of success in all her endeavours. Maybe next time, she could take a step back, and focus on just some stories.

Book: From my Kitchen to yours: Food, love & other ingredients
Author: Maria Goretti
Publisher: Om Books International
Price: Rs 995

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