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Strong, luscious locks - a result of patience, nurturing and good hair care. Your hair needs all the goodness, in order to look healthy. While diet and other factors do play a crucial role, a basic haircare routine (using suitable products) also plays a key role. This is my haircare routine - simple head massage, using a blend of four oils, that I have been using on a fortnightly basis since age 16 (result of a random experiment, which worked wonders). It's an easy, fuss-free and inexpensive way to promote hair growth, keep it healthy and ensure your locks get some much needed pampering.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil (I use Parachute Advansed or regular Parachute Coconut Oil), Almond Oil (I prefer Dabur Almond Oil or Hamdard's Rogan Badam Shirin), Olive Oil and Castor Oil.

Process: Mix the first 3 oils in equal proportion, and only 2-3 drops of Castor Oil. Mix it up, and voila! Your potion is ready. Leave it on for 30 mins, and then, rinse using your shampoo (and follow it up with a conditioner / mask). Avoid leaving it on overnight. For best results, use as a pre-wash deep conditioning technique.

Tip: If you plan to store this in a bottle (for use upto 1-2 months), do not heat the oil. For those who are using this only once, the oil can be warmed in a small bowl (for approximately 30-45 seconds). Remember
- results may differ from individual to individual, depending on their overall health, hair care and other factors. Here's to happy, healthy hair!

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