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When the queen arrives, she arrives in style! Veere Di Wedding marks her return on the big screen after a two year hiatus, but one never really felt like they were missing out on Kareena Kapoor Khan. The actress, who was last seen in Udta Punjab, was pretty much in the news throughout her pregnancy 'break'. From brand shoots to posing for magazine covers and attending launch events; Kareena made a strong statement by ditching long naps and joining millions of women across the globe, who are known to skilfully multi task, even if that means turning show stopper for designer Sabyasachi at Lakme Fashion Week, proudly flaunting a baby bump.

On a rather hot and sunny afternoon, we caught up with the actress. Looking fresh as ever, she stepped out of her vanity, dressed in a Polka Dot dress by Michael Kors. While the shutterbugs began to get the perfect picture, Bebo was rather unfazed. "Ghar jaldi jaana hain, Taimur is waiting," she quipped, requesting the paparazzi to hurry. Within minutes, she entered the studio and settled down for a quick chat! While excerpts from the interaction follow, I must share an interesting moment. Just before wrapping up the day's work, the actress stepped out in smart casuals. While Kareena was obliging fans with selfies and discussing the week's schedule with her manager, I walked past her with a smile. Our eyes met, and she smiled back. Within seconds, I heard her say, "So hot these days na! Always carry a bottle of water. It's essential to keep yourself hydrated all year round. Stay hydrated, okay!" I smiled (again) and thanked the actress. Amused, and quite taken aback. Reason? Well, I had forgotten to carry my bottle that day. Just a few minutes before this incident, I was checking with the team if there was any mineral water around. Unfortunately, there wasn't any, and I had to wait till the end to go out and buy one. So, Bebo's advice was definitely appreciated! Well, that's Kareena Kapoor Khan for you. We don't call her the 'Queen' for nothin'. And now, it's time we 'dive' into our chat with the stunning star:

Is there any personality trait in Kalindi that you could relate to?
Actually, Kalindi is very different from the person that I am. I am very practical, and I am sure of what I want or would like to do. People who know me will tell that I am very head strong. If I make a decision, then I will stick to it. That way, Kalindi is completely opposite.

At any point in life, did you develop cold feet while being in a relationship? Like your character - Kalindi in the film?
Not at all! Everyone knows that I have never been commitment phobic. Kalindi is a lot like that, but not me. I have always been very clear about my choices in life. Even generally, as a person, I am very clear about what I want to do. So, I've never really been in that kind of a situation.

We have seen some successful women centric films in the recent past, with many of them crossing the 100cr mark at the BO. Do you think people are more open to watching a woman centric film in the Indian industry today, compared to a few decades ago?
Of course! There have been a lot of women oriented films, with the female actor carrying the film on her shoulders, and they have successfully done it. Right from The Dirty Picture to Queen and now, Raazi; these films have done really well. I believe that if the film is good, and has the perfect script, then it doesn't matter whether it's a hero or a heroine leading it. If the film is made well, then the audience will surely support it!

A lot of people usually associate the Hindi film 'Heroine' to just be a glamorous addition to the cast? With powerful female characters dominating the scene, do you think that stereotype is finally breaking away?
Absolutely! Whether it is mainstream cinema or any other kind, ultimately what matters is your film. I know it's quite a task to constantly look perfect in front of the camera and maintain your hair, make up. But, all of that is secondary, especially when compared to your character and what you are doing in the film. It's important to take your job seriously, which we all do. 

If the film is made well, then the audience will surely support it

During the filming of Veere... it was great to see you juggling multiple duties - that of an actor and mom. Did you face any challenges while maintaining that fine balance?
Not really. Perhaps, it was just the time factor. There are days when I want to spend all my time with Taimur. But, I think women know how to multi-task very well. Also, I am very happy that I have an excellent support system, and that's one of the main reasons why I can work and make time out for the family as well.

2018 will see many star kids make a splash in the industry. If you look back to the time when you debuted with Refugee, was there any pressure or baggage that came with being a 'Kapoor' kid?
I think that lasts only till your first film hits the screen. After that, all that you do - including the way you choose the scripts, films or even the way you lead your life - is your own.

Taimur has constantly been the apple of social media's eye, with videos and photos of him posted all over. Do you think all of it takes away from the little one's privacy?
Honestly, I don't know what to say! I just feel the media shouldn't be taking so many pictures all the time. He is still a little boy, and all of us are quite concerned. I do understand the media's point of view, so what can I do? (pauses) All I can do is request people to not do that. 

 I am very happy that I have an excellent support system, and that's one of the main reasons why I can work and make time out for the family as well

Will we see you do more films in the coming year, and would it be a conscious decision to limit your time on the sets?
Well, I did Veere... (Veere Di Wedding) right after Taimur's birth. But, I definitely want to spend more time with my baby, rather than a set. So, I've decided to do just one film a year.

Have you ever imagined a life without facing the camera?
Ummm.. I can imagine my life without it. Maybe, 20 - 30 years later. But, having said that, I would always want to work. At least, till the time I can. The thing is, I can't think of what I would be doing 30 years later, but hopefully, I will always work. Or let's put it this way - I will always try to keep working!

Are your excited to watch Kareena Kapoor Khan as Kalindi Puri in Veere Di Wedding?
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