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If there is anyone from the Indian film industry who has promoted Yoga like no other, it is Shilpa Shetty Kundra. The actress and entrepreneur, who often takes to social media and discusses the importance of overall wellbeing, has always spoken about the benefits of this ancient exercise and healing form. With a perfectly toned body that inspires several fans everyday, Shilpa has always advocated the art of eating well and balancing it out with a dedicated exercise routine everyday. Her 'Sunday Binge' videos have always been a 'treat' to watch on social media. However, the actress confesses that it is 'Yoga' that helps her maintain this fine balance.

On International Yoga Day, here's Shilpa talking about her workout routine, diet and why she has always focused on the benefits of Yoga.

What is your daily workout routine like?
If I can't do my entire workout regime, I make sure that I concentrate on my breathing for at least 15 minutes a day. I follow my fitness schedule thrice a week. It includes Yoga and weight training. There are also rope workouts, which I really enjoy learning. I am also doing advance yoga right now, so that requires a lot of core strength building. You need to understand that once you are over 35 years of age, you lose a lot of muscle mass and bone density. You need to work on strength and agility. There are different kinds of workouts that help you target different problems and different body parts. 

You need to understand that once you are over 35 years of age, you lose a lot of muscle mass and bone density. You need to work on strength and agility

You mentioned that you focus on Yoga and Weight Training. So, do you devote some time for cardio as well?
I just walk take the stairs wherever I can. There is no separate cardio session that I focus on.

Diet plays a crucial role in overall well being. What are some of the rules you have set, when it comes to food? Is there any specific diet that you follow?
I have made a few modifications. I eat a heavy breakfast, heavy lunch and a lighter dinner. You only need energy in the day that is why we need to keep the carbs low at night. I take a high-protein fibre diet. It is important to choose the right carbs. I eat lots of raw vegetables and fruits, that have fibre and minerals.

You feel peaceful after doing yoga and peace equals to happiness. I feel yoga is the road to happiness

What are some food items that you try to avoid?
I try to avoid refined things like white sugar, white bread and fine flour. Not so much rice though. I try and stick to red rice and brown rice. A few times, if I like to have naan with butter or biryani, I do
indulge in it.

Water intake is another important element, that people often forget. How do you ensure your water intake is balanced?
I have at least two litres of water, that is, eight to 10 glasses of water. It may not necessarily be just water. It can be lime water with mint. I always carry a glass bottle that has mint, sauf (fennel seed)
and jeera (black cumin).

You have always stressed on the importance of Yoga. When was the first time you leaned towards this ancient form of exercise?
I was suffering from cervical spondylosis and my physiotherapist advised me to do yoga. That is how I got into this and realised that it not only healed my neck, but had strengthened it as well. The most important thing about any injury is that you need to strengthen it back again from the core. And yoga helps you do that. Yoga is quite brilliant. You feel peaceful after doing yoga and peace equals to happiness. I feel yoga is the road to happiness.

What is that one special element about Yoga, that stands out for you?
Yoga is all about body balance and building core strength. It not only strengthens your body, but also your mind and bones and the alignment of these three aspects of your life make you far more centred, energetic and stronger.

What according to you would be the best time to perform Yoga?
Early morning or evening before sunset is great, as long as you haven’t eaten at least 2-3 hrs before.

Another thing that you have stressed on is 'Savasana'. What makes this simple, yet crucial asana so special?
Savasana relaxes the body and stomach breathing improves circulation, concentration and relaxes the muscles. It is greatly beneficial for mental health as it calms the nerves.

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  1. yes she is true, she has a road map of being younger of all time, since of her strict schedule and lifestyle she is more popular in media, iam one of her fan following her on youtube since from last 2 years.


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