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There are conventional perfumes, with those typical notes that range from sweet to flowery and citrus. And then there is The Red Musk eau de parfum by The Body Shop, that defies all the quintessential fragrances and conventions. Even actress Jacqueline Fernandez swears by it. We got our hands on this sexy little bottle and after testing the product for almost a fortnight, we can safely say that this is one perfume that can add some 'spice' to your overall personality. Wanna know why? Read on.

1. Long Lasting
Anyone investing in a good perfume would obviously want to know how long the product will last. Maybe that's why, you will notice how several people hunting for the right perfume roam around with those white test strips in one hand, waiting for the perfume to settle down and reveal its 'lasting' result. Thankfully, The Red Musk, with its strong fragrance, lasts for a good number of hours, without changing its base notes.

2. Unconventional Aroma
The Red Musk is not your typical musky, super strong perfume. Its a unique fragrance that blends musk with spices. Unlike the sweet perfumes or those with strong notes of musk, this fragrance does not overpower. Instead, it leaves a lovely warm aroma, which is quite different from the rest.

3. Cruelty Free
We can't stop loving The Body Shop for this one aspect. All their products are cruelty free. We love everything that is not tested on animals, because everyone at Team Diary of a Dancebee loves our furry friends. And continuing the tradition, The Red Musk eau de parfum contains cruelty free musk, which is man-made and does not follow the perfume industry's norm of using the standard ingredient gathered from a deer (Say No to animal cruelty).

4. Spicy Ingredients
Ever heard of a perfume (that too cruelty free) which blends musk with hot spices like cinnamon, pepper and a hint of tobacco (don't eat it, spray it)? Yes, you read that right. The perfume includes notes blended with the sensuous musk that includes pepper at the top, cinnamon at the heart and tobacco accord dry down. Maybe that's why the brand challenged its consumers to 'Handle the Scandal'. After all, how many perfumes without flowery notes do we actually have? 

5. Pricing and Availability
Sometimes, too many options can spoil the party and leave you confused. So, if you are quite sure about picking up a androgynous fragrance without any hint of flowers, then all you have to do is head straight to The Body Shop outlet or order it online from their official website. The bottle, another sexy aspect, comes in 60ml priced at Rs 2995, which is quite easy on the pocket, when compared to similar perfumes available in the market.

Verdict: Take the unconventional route and get 'spiced up' with this hot, musky perfume by The Body Shop. With Holi and Gudi Padwa coming up, this also makes for a perfect gift for your special someone. PS: This is a unisex perfume, so your partner can use it without any guilt *wink*

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  1. Whenever I tried a new fragrance I always try it with the tester first, If I found it pleasant then I bought the original perfume. Never used Red Musk EDP, might try it next.


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