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Starting the new year's eve with work (as usual), back-to-back interviews, meetings, recordings and working on various posts, ideas among several other things kind of took a severe toll on my body. I felt totally drained out a week before the Marathon and had almost thought of giving up. Fortunately, I worked out things in my favor and after some rest, training, I was back on my feet and successfully completed the half marathon at the SCMM (shall do an outfit post featuring the marathon gear that I wore).

Honestly, this review couldn't have come at a better time. Just a day after the marathon, I was back to my usual routine of being on my toes like a ballerina all day. My skin, being the sensitive skin that it is, as usual reacted to the kind of sleepless nights and crazy days schedule that I have had. Lakme Absolute Salon came to my rescue with one of their new packages - The Hangover Haul, which was introduced post NYE. Honestly, the only kind of hangover I can suffer is from work and the folks at the salon promised to pamper my skin and get rid of the stress. Well, that was a good enough incentive. Watch my detailed review of the Hangover Haul and get set to win a chance to experience this service yourself at a Lakme Absolute Salon near you.

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  1. #LakmewithDancebee I am a Montessori teacher and I teach 3 to 4 years old children. It's the most fun job ever. But at times it really gets stressful. As I am a mom of a five year old too. Coming back home and doing the same job of teaching my son the same things makes me feel like I am on duty 24/7. And I never get that alone time to relax or pamper myself which I so long for all the time. So this Lakme Hangover Haul is just perfect for me :)

    #LakmewithDancebee I joined the teaching profession inspite of being an engineer and that too in my sons school only for my son so I could give him more time at home but it gets really tough at times as everyday in the morning I have to get him ready too to take him with me to school and after coming back from school I have to give him a bath, feed him etc. I just get exhausted! Dying to get the Lakme Hangover Haul :)

    #LakmewithDancebee I am also doing my Montessori course online simultaneously. As I am already working as a teacher. Being a working mom, I am on my toes all the time. I have to also come home and do the usual household chores and also study at the same time. Multitasking becomes really very tough for a woman like me. Life becomes really very stressful and feels like there is just no time for me. This Lakme Hangover Haul will come in like a dream come true.

    #LakmewithDancebee I get loads of compliments for my fair complexion but at the same time my skin is the most sensitive one and I take utmost care of it by following the CTM routine twice a day. Because like the saying, Great Powers comes with Great Responsibilites ! Hence, It becomes very difficult to trust any spa when it comes to my skin but this Lakme Hangover Haul sounds just perfect for me and my skin :)

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  2. #LkamewithDancebee I want to get rid of stress kida (insect) from my brain box as it affect my health. Being working I have to manage both for office & kitchen. I am travelling from home stress to office stress = (Stress)2 * infinite. I want to change my personality too. So Lakme hangover haul is right station for me. Which also enhance my confidence of women hood. So I wanna fly high into the sky & eliminate (stress)2 * infinity by pampering my normal skin with Lavish Lakme Salon.

    I like facebook, twitter, Instagrame, youtube subscribed all page done.


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