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They call it a humourless season that can drive one to drinking (according to Amy Gerstler). Henry Wardsworth Longfellow refers to it as a time when the troubled sky reveals the grief that it feels. And then, of course, the master playwright Williams Shakespeare summed its rudeness in four words, with a line in As You Like It that goes, "Thy breath be rude." Despite all the metaphors associated with it, Winter is also remembered for its memories. The Christmas decorations, sesame laddoo making sessions on Sankrant, conversations with family over hot chocolate, days (and nights, since they are longer) spent snuggling inside the blanket and curling up on the bed with your favorite book. Just like everything in this world, Winter has its share of fans and haters. Speaking of which, the winters in Mumbai have always been a favorite topic for those who originally hail from much colder regions. As much as people have always loved to crib about the winters in Mumbai, I absolutely adore it.    

Mumbai is a coastal city, so naturally, the humidity will overpower everything (and I still wonder why people continue to crib and ask for a 'Dilliwali Thand' here. People, if that day ever comes, you will have global warming to thank). Even winters. Its like a mix of sunshine, humidity and slow, cold breeze in the afternoons, while the evenings get slightly chilly. One of the reasons why I love this weather is because it gives me the opportunity to wear all my favourite jackets and blazers. I have always been more of a jacket person, as compared to someone who prefers scarves and shawls. 
A jacket is your best bet on a cold day out and can help spruce up even the most boring or basic outfits. Ditto Blazers (its a good idea to have them in different colours and even prints). Personally, I have always loved jackets that add a sporty touch, and instead of opting for my good ol' Nike sneakers as always, I gave this outfit a twist with these sneaker heels (not very comfortable post 1-2 hours, so I suggest you keep those sneakers around if its a long day). 

If you think about it, this weather shall last only for a few more days (or weeks). So, step out in your favourite jacket and maybe, show off that 'ain't nobody got time for that shit' look on your face when someone keeps complaining about the Mumbai weather. Trust me, it doesn't hurt!

Outfit Details
Jacket - Emporio Armani (Taken from Dad's wardrobe)
Tee - Zara
Jeans - Zara
Sneaker Heels - Marks & Spencer
Watch - Swatch
Wayfarers - RayBan

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