A Crisp White Shirt | The 2019 Story

2018 felt like a swift, fast paced yet beautifully weaved tale. It began on a slightly low note, where struggles and hurdles topped one upon another like a mountain of the highest order. Slowly, day by day, a shiny bright ray of sunshine began showing signs of hope. As months passed, newer developments began taking shape, and life as they say, left me charmingly surprised. Who knew that after facing a rather tumultuous five-six month period, packed with ups and downs, I would end up finding my way back on a fresh path - that of hard work, passion and following my dreams. All this, along with new beginnings, discoveries and meeting people, who enter your life as a blessing in disguise. And never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine, that the year would end up blessing me with more than I could ever ask for. Well, it is rightly said - the almighty blesses you when you least expect it.

Here we are, kickstarting a brand new year. With a big, bright smile and gratitude filled heart. Gratitude - for making 2018 a year to remember, and for giving me the opportunity to start this year with everyone and everything that means the world to me. For keeping me on my toes, while I continue to strive and keep up with all that I am passionate about. And finally, for giving me the chance to beam from ear to ear, while watching good things happen to those around me. I have never been a 'resolutions' person. However, it's time to start 2019 on a fresh, clean note. Just like a clean, crisp and extremely stylish white shirt. Gonna make it a year to remember! Cheers, 2019.

Shot By: Sushant Sawant
Editing | Hair & Make Up: Team Dancebee

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