5 Reasons why we love R... Rajkumar

So, its been a year since the Shahid Kapoor - Sonakshi Sinha starrer R... Rajkumar hit the screens (Wow! A year already). Yes, you read that right. This high-on entertainment, roller coaster ride of a film released this day, last year and went on to earn the highest opening weekend collection for Kapoor at the box office. Watching the film at a single screen theater for a treat, with people whistling, singing, and some, even creating a group to dance together on Gandi Baat, almost as if the others had gathered for a karaoke party and not a film. Those who know me will tell you that I saw the film four times at different theaters, purely because of its entertainment value (and Shahid Kapoor, of course). 
While we can list down a zillion reasons why we love this film, to celebrate this day, we have got the top five reasons as to why we love R... Rajkumar and can't get enough of its awesomeness.

1. Saree ke fall sa and Gandi Baat

They were playing it here, they were playing it there. Well, they were playing these songs everywhere. Both Saree ke fall sa and Gandi Baat became an anthem of sorts, especially during the marriage and party season last year. In fact, the fever did not die down till Holi this year, where we heard people blasting this number on full volume at celebrations. These two fun, quirky tracks were also a favourite at the Ganpati immersion processions this year.
PS: The Dancebee has got these two songs on the loop, all the time.  


2. The Dialogues
Admit it! If you love a good, masala drama, then chances are that you have laughed your heart out while watching this film. Especially at some insane dialogues and situations. "Silence ho jaa, varna main violent ho jaunga" is one favorite dialogue that we will all swear by. Then we have got the scene where Shahid tries to save an old man, who instead of being thankful, says - "Paani, paani. Ice milega?" Then you have got the evergreen Asrani, who keeps the humor flow going with his Bhavishyavaani. But the 'height' of humor (quite literally) is the conversation between Shahid and Sonakshi, where she tells him - "Teri toh height bhi nahin milti mujhse," to which he says, "Height veight se kuch nahin hota. Pyaar dil se hota hain." That's what we call, 'heights of filmyness'. 

Credit: OhSoFilmy - Tumblr

3. The Choreography
Have we told you, innumerable people have tried their hand (and feet) at the signature steps of songs like Gandi Baat, Saree ke fall sa and Mat maari among others? Yes, its true. Vishnudheva and Prabhu Dheva have done an impeccable job with the choreography. If there is anyone who has pushed Shahid to come out of his comfort zone as a dancer and experiment with new moves, it is them (and Shahid confessed the same during an earlier interview, where he mentioned that Prabhu Dheva comes from a totally different school of dancing, which was a challenge for him). Be it the floor chunk of movements performed by Shahid and Prabhu Dheva or solo chunk performed by Shahid in front of a mahal and earlier, in the song opening of Saree ke fall sa, we can't help but laud the choreography in this film. If you haven't tried those moves already, do it, I say. We have already got a routine ready.

4. The Cast and Director Prabhu Dheva
Instead of roping in several people and having a huge ensemble cast, Prabhu Dheva just had a few key characters and each actor chosen to play the part did perfect justice to their respective roles. Be it Sonu Sood as the baddie Shivraj or Ashish Vidyarthi as the crazy Mamaji and even Mukul Dev. Even Sonakshi was perfect as the muffat village girl, who doesn't give a damn. Shahid Kapoor? *coughs* Let's reserve this for later. And of course, how can we forget Prabhu Dheva, who churned out this mass entertainer, which made people turn back to the cinema halls for watching this film again and again.

5. Shahid Kapoor
Let's just say we couldn't have asked for a better Romeo Rajkumar. Everyone who has seen this film will agree that Shahid Kapoor was the soul of this film. He danced all the way into our hearts, in a never before seen avatar. At a time when haters and negative folks were busy pooh-poohing his choices, he took up the challenge of turning into a village romeo, mouthing filmy dialogues and performing stunts like never before. Falling down, injuring himself while dancing and venturing in to a new zone was definitely a huge risk. But he eventually came out with a beaming smile and tons of success, something that all the Shanatics (and I am) quite proud of.

So, this weekend, in case you are planning to just take the cosy route and snuggle up inside a comfortable blankie to watch a film, watch R... Rajkumar and be entertained!

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(All photographs are taken from Tumblr under the label - R... Rajkumar)

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