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So, one of 2015's much anticipated release - Shamitabh, has been viewed and that too, twice (press show and then, another trip with the family). While I can't stop raving about how handsome Mr.Bachchan looks in the film and how Dhanush wins our heart with his incredible act, we must give it to R.Balki for experimenting with a fresh and unique plot. Being a voice actress, I do understand the importance that voice acting plays, be it in a television commercial or film. It can make or break an individual's career and hence, several actors have opted for voice over artistes in their early films. While some critics may argue over the length and pace of Shamitabh and analyse it in their own way, I thought we needed this kind of a film that not only celebrates cinema, but also the support behind it. We give you 5 reasons why we loved Shamitabh and why you must watch it soon!

1. Amitabh Bachchan
The name says it all. Mr.Bachchan's performance in any film needs no introduction or recommendation. He is known to raise the bar and make any role look real. So real, that you tend to cry while seeing him shed tears on screen. And he does that exactly that to the cynical, old and drunken Amitabh Sinha, his character in the film. The energy, emotion, expression and above all, his charisma is absolutely phenomenon. There couldn't have been a better tribute than making a film that is dedicated to his rich, priceless baritone. Remember how the receiver would burst into tears on the phone after hearing, "Hello, Main Amitabh Bachchan bol raha hoon..." on Kaun Banega Crorepati? Yes, his magical voice has got that effect and his performance in Shamitabh is absolutely flawless. Be it mouthing those dialogues in style or walking inside the graveyard while looking dapper in a velvet blazer, you have to witness the Bachchan magic. Do not miss the last 15 minutes of the film. It left me with a lump in my throat. Respect!

2. Dhanush's incredible act
I loved his performance in Raanjhanaa. But in Shamitabh, Dhanush goes a notch above with a great act. As the film fanatic Danish, Dhanush wins your heart with his journey from struggling to find a foothold in the industry to becoming the biggest superstar in Bollywood. One can witness the change in his body language and style, as the film progresses. Dhanush has confidently pulled off scenes where he challenges Mr.Bachchan and has performed some emotional scenes in the most natural way. Don't miss a sequence where Dhanush stylishly poses for the shutterbugs, while playing around with Phantom cigarettes. It will remind you a lot of Rajini sir. With Shamitabh, Dhanush has proved that if an actor gives it his best, he can deliver a memorable performance, even without mouthing a single dialogue.

3. Illaiyaraaja's music and background score
This is not your usual Bollywood fare. The music in Shamitabh is unconventional and yet, the compositions touch your heart. Mr.Bachchan sings Piddly effortlessly and the stylish tunes that go with it make this song extremely addictive. Stereophonic Sannata and Ishq-e-fillum fit the script perfectly, with the latter proving to be an ode to film buffs, who can never get enough of cinema. There is also a track called Lifebuoy, which again, is included keeping the plot in mind. I love Caralisa's rendition of Shamitabh, another stylish track that you might continue humming even after the film. The background score is apt and does not overpower the scenes.

4. Understanding why Ego is useless
Ego does nothing except harming an individual. And Shamitabh puts this across very well. With fame comes ego and Danish's (Shamitabh) greed for doing everything his way. Well, that does not go down too well with Amitabh, who decides to teach him a lesson in his own way. Needless to say, both fail and things that follow only prove that both were incomplete without each other. It was ego that led them and their success towards destruction. Shamitabh is a lesson in letting go of both internal and external conflicts as well as the 'E' word (ego, I mean).

5. Dialogues
The subtle yet sharp humor and brilliantly penned dialogues add an additional charm. Although the whiskey-paani dialogue was a tad bit overplayed, we still love it. There are tons of memorable dialogues that will stay with you after the film. And, don't miss portions where the dialogues mouthed by Dhanush and Mr.Bachchan mirror the situations faced by them in real life (jokes on Dhanush's persona or rejection as an RJ for Bachchan). We love how the writers have thrown in witty lines to keep the flow going. There are references to the way things work in Bollywood, be it a journalist's question about Dhanush's six pack abs or the scene where Dhanush mumbles that award functions are fixed; it is amazing how the film that celebrates cinema, sportingly takes a dig at it too.

and a special mention
We love how Balki has moved up the names of Mr.Bachchan, Dhanush and Akshara's valets in the closing credits. Don't know if you noticed, but for me, it was lovely to see their names appear before the rest of the crew. Even they deserve some love, right? (And I am sure Amitabh Sinha will agree, because he frowned after looking at his own name appear towards the end, as Shamitabh's valet - Robert).

Well, these reasons should be enough for you to drag yourself to the cinema hall. Now!
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