The Amaze Longest Drive Mumbai Meet with Honda

What if I told you about a fun drive, which aims to cover a distance of a staggering 23,000 Kms, while passing through 250 towns and cities in the country. And, what if I add that only one car will be used for the same? Yes, you heard saw that right and this mighty 'hero' is none other than Honda's family sedan, Amaze.

To celebrate the product's 100,000 sales milestone, Honda decided to celebrate by organizing an initiative titled the Longest Drive through Amazing India, which is part of their campaign for Amaze called, Amazingly Indian. The drive, which flagged off at Jodhpur on September 15, reached Aamchi Mumbai on September 27 in great style, after driving through the picturesque highways in Nainital, Lucknow, Jaipur and finally, Maharashtra (the drive is still on, FYI). Imagine driving through the rough terrains, sand dunes, mountainous regions and finally, meeting the choc-a-bloc city traffic while breezing through the island city (with the beautiful sea on one side). 
All this, while using just one car.
Now, that's something!

To celebrate the amalgamation of technology, speed, style and strength, bloggers from across the city were invited for a fun meet at The Lalit in Mumbai, for a mid-morning session filled with fun activities, and an interaction with the man behind the wheels, Bunny Punia. The session kick started with details on the product (which left me mighty impressed! C'mon, it's the 1.5L i-DTEC diesel engine version, which boasts of a whopping 25.8 kmpl, that we are talking about) and in-depth information about the values that Honda adheres to. Product planner Gurmeet Singh began the proceedings, who was followed by the marketing head of the company and lastly, the session was taken over by Punia, who spoke at length about his Longest Drive moments so far and all the 'highway' action.

Above: Gurmeet Punia, Product Planner - Honda India
Below: Bunny Punia talks about using the Amaze in the Rann of Kutch

Post the 'serious' part (as Punia likes to put it) we got together for some fun activities, ranging from puzzles, rapid fire quiz and anagram test, where winners walked away with cool Honda merchandise (your's truly won the rapid fire quiz with her team *winks*). It was fun to see different bloggers, ranging from backgrounds like gaming, tech, fashion and automobile, coming together to have a blast! (You can catch some of these moments in a video at the end of this post).

As the session came to an end, we posed with the stylish Honda Amaze and even post the photo-op, just couldn't get enough of this beauty. You have to see the super comfortable interiors and roomy boot space, to believe it. As the event came to an end, we wished Punia and his team lots of luck for the journey ahead. As I write this post, the team has already covered 11,492 Kms and has finished driving through Kolkata and Odhisha. 
They have got 28 more days to go, so here's wishing them Bon Voyage

About: Honda Amaze is a family sedan that aims to 'change your world' (Badle aapki duniya) by providing a comfortable journey with incredible mileage and an engineering marvel in the form of its 1.5 L engine. The car is available in four fun colours. Honda Amaze has been awarded 'Car of the Year' and 'Compact Sedan of the Year' by leading automobile magazines.
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