Of Birthdays, Celebrations and some Shopping!

I've always been a big fan of Birthdays and Celebrations since childhood. I start getting excited about my birthday a month in advance. My parents think that the excitement might die down with every passing year, but it just doesn't. The university exams played spoilsport this year as I had an important exam, just a day after my birthday. Nevertheless, I don't really believe in giving up and hence, I went ahead with my birthday plans. As usual, I celebrated my birthday in Shirdi with my family. It was fun, but I had to come back home the same day (reached Mumbai post midnight) and study all night before entering the exam hall to write my paper.

I am not a big fan of Huge cakes in different shapes. A simple chocolate cake is perfect!
Once again, my dad decided to gift me a wrist watch. This time, he opted for a Swatch with metal straps and blue dial. Its beautiful, exactly what I wanted. I've been eyeing a couple of Swatch watches for a really long time. It looks classic. Just that I couldn't wear it on my birthday as the strap had to be altered. The picture is not that clear, but its a beautiful watch.

I managed to shop for some make up items that are missing from my vanity kit. I had to discard all my old eye shadows and some of my old lipsticks as well. So I decided to say HELLO to a new eyeshadow palette from NYX (Caribbean collection). The palette has 5 wonderful bright, pop colours which are perfect for this season. Moreover, I wanted these colours since a really long time. I find this palette extremely cute because of the colours.

Also, I picked up a lipstick from Revlon called 'Cherries in the snow'. Its a beautiful hue of Pink and Red. While experimenting, I decided to blend this lipstick with the NYX soft matte lip creme in Milan. The result was a creamy pinkish red hue on my lips which ended up looking wonderful. (I don't have a picture of me with that lipstick on, but I will click one the next time I wear it). Blending two lipsticks is always fun!

Exams haven't been treating me all that well! Honestly, I don't really like the concept of exams and the pressure and stress that goes with it. But then, its a part and parcel of life and you have to deal with it. Can't wait for these exams to end so that I can start dancing to my heart's content, get back to my usual fare of workouts and BLOG BLOG BLOG!!!

PS: I got myself a pretty statement collar necklace. An outfit post with that necklace will be up soon!

Did you buy anything interesting this fortnight? Feel free to share it here or on the Facebook page.


  1. happy birthday:)
    wish you enjoyed a lot:D
    the eye shadow palette is lovely...beautiful colors...:)

    Elegance Stylized Blog

    1. Thank you :) Yes! I love those colors too.

  2. Belated happy birthday!
    Love your stuff.
    Followed you.
    Drop by my blog sometime and i expect you to follow me back too , Thanks :) :P
    Take care!!
    Keep in touch :)

  3. Wow...What great BDay gifts !! Love the lip colors and watch
    Loads of wishes on your bday again :)

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    ♡ StylishByNature.com

    1. Shalini di, only the watch is a gift, everything else was picked up by me :) Thank you so much!

  4. These are such great ideas for birthday gifts! I like to get my daughters stuff like this for their birthdays. We also usually try to get a big cake like the one above for their birthday party. However, planning birthdays can be expensive. If you are ever in situations where you need money to help pay for stuff like this there are great ways to get cash now that can help.


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