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Honestly, I am bored of studying! I really don't understand why do we need to study so much. I feel like reading practically everything except my syllabus reference books. My bookshelf is filled with all kinds of books (Reference books for exams, fiction/ non-fiction novels, biographies etc) and some books have been calling out to me everyday,"In which century will my turn come"? But right now, I am surrounded by all the reference books, xerox copies of notes and everything else I need to study properly.
Sometimes I think, how I wish a place like Hogwarts existed (Yes! I love Harry Potter).

Coming back to the post, this one is totally random.

Who doesn't like gifts? We all do right? Birthday gifts are special, more so if they have things you love (and even otherwise because gifts are given with love). In my previous post, I posted a picture of my new birthday prezzie gifted by Dad. I know I've been bombarding my blog with posts dedicated to the birthday presents, but these special things deserve a mention (at least that's what I think).

So today, I received a parcel from my sis in Thailand. The gift box was full of make up goodies!!! Isn't that a great way to start your new year? She also gifted me a couple of earrings and a bracelet which might feature in my next OOTD post after exams.

As part of the skincare kit, I got a Clarins Water purify One step cleanser, Aquamoist serum and Yes To clear skin daily balancing moisturizer.

I haven't tried these products as I received the parcel today. A review of these products is on its way soon.
The make up kit included a gloss and lipstick by Revlon, A blush by ELF, A 3 shade eye shadow palette 110 by Cover girl (The picture of this product wasn't clear, so I didn't upload it) and Two NYX jumbo eye pencils (White and Grey). Almost all the products have the pinkish-red and mauve tone. My vanity kit is smiling and How!

I love Revlon products, especially their lipsticks. Both their range of Super lustrous and Colorburst lipsticks are fabulous. I haven't tried any gloss by Revlon yet, so this is my first. The gloss seen here is Revlon Super Lustrous Gloss - 120 Pink Pursuit and Revlon Super lustrous lipstick 490 Mad about Mauve. Both the colours look lovely. Perfect for summers and the winter season as well.

I've tried the NYX Jumbo eye pencil, The hot pink shade was seen HERE. This time, I got the NYX Jumbo Eye pencil in 604 Milk and 603 Pots and Pans. I think the white shade can work well as a base.

ELF products are really good. I had reviewed the ELF lip glosses HERE. These products are not available in India, but you can order ELF make up items from beautyjoint.com or other websites that sell brands from USA. The blush (Mellow Mauve) is soft and sheer textured. A simple stroke with a brush is enough to highlight your complexion with a subtle, healthy glow which looks great during Summers.

And here goes... Dhan te nan!

Fake eye lashes from ELF! I don't need them on a regular basis (Of course NOT). But these pretty little beauties might just come handy for any dance show which needs dramatic eye make up (Not sure if I have any such show coming up this year, but you never know).

My vanity box is over flowing with pretty goodies now. I might just buy one more vanity kit to keep everything properly. I don't think i need to buy any more make up products at least for 3 months (Unless something extra-ordinary catches my eye).

But a chunky jewellery shopping trip is definitely on my list!!!


  1. Those gorgeous eyelashes! *drools*

    1. I know!!! They look amazing. Just gotta wait for the right dance show or event to wear them (Haven't tried them before, so its gonna be a firstie).


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