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I've always had this habit of getting a new haircut or if nothing, some styling, a few days before my birthday. And so once again, I stepped into B:blunt to get a haircut. My stylist has been the same for the past couple of years and each time I've had a haircut, he has never failed to give me a new look. A happy hair experience is always good for you. The pictures are not clear as they have been taken from my sister's phone, but I feel they look good anyway.

A short crop (like a bob) is something I wouldn't really go for, as I don't think it will suit my face cut. But the weather in Mumbai takes a toll on me every year and I cant help but for a shoulder length or for something slightly shorter than that (Honestly, I don't have the heart to go for any style shorter than that). I don't go to the salon with any style in my mind. I trust my stylist, Rohan from B:Blunt, enough to give me something that will look good on me (He does a wonderful job each time). So once again, a new summer hairstyle and a new look to flaunt is finally here!

PS: I love the decor at B:blunt! So chic and stylish.

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  1. Oohhhh hot. I love the hairstyle! :P
    Bday preps? :)

  2. Thanks Sonshu! Yep, Birthday preps :) In between the cruel examinations!


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