Love Struck

As winter transcends to spring, the month of February is already upon us (wow! almost a fortnight done). Needless to say, the month is synonymous with the feeling of being love! With blooming flowers, tropical vibes and a tinge of red all around; one can't miss the whiff of love in the air. Promises, roses and moments of mushy-ness. The endless list of date night ideas. Updates and posts that follow. Nothing can match upto the feeling of being in love. Sigh! It's wonderful, isn't it?

But, have you looked at yourself in the mirror, and showered some words of compliments? A subtle, "You look wonderful today," from a special someone creates a flutter in our stomach, doesn't it? How about we tweak things a bit and say this to ourselves, just once in a while? Learning to love yourself and being comfortable in one's skin is the most liberating and beautiful feeling. When no one stands by, you have yourself. When all else fails, you can motivate yourself. No one can love you better, if you fail to love yourself first. So, stop being harsh and learn to love! This valentine's day, give yourself some much needed love. Compliment yourself, and smile. Don't wait for someone else to make a difference! Love thy self fiercely, folks. So much, that when others see you, they know exactly how it should be done. 

This one's for the person who makes me smile! You know who you are. Love and light, always ❤️

Here's wishing the entire #DancebeeFam a very Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you had a great time with your loved one, and shall always continue to do so.

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