Watch | When Shah Rukh Khan got pranked and taught us how to Keep Calm, like a Boss!

You don't mess with a legend, alright! And Shah Rukh Khan is certainly one of them. But, Egypt based host Ramez Galal took a chance and invited SRK over for a fake chat show, which was followed by a crazy prank that left the actor fuming. Galal's Ramez Tahl El Ard (Ramez Underground) is a rather controversial reality show, where celebrities are pranked in some seriously scary situations. Several celebrities including Antonio Banderas and Paris Hilston have been pranked by Galal in the past, and this time, he had none other than King Khan.

The episode kicks off with Galal interviewing Khan in what like a fake chat show (a fake one, of course). After wrapping up the shoot, Khan is seen leaving the premises for a safari. He leaves in a 4x4, accompanied by three other people. After a smooth ride through the desert, the car loses control and comes to a halt. Within minutes, the car starts sinking into an area surrounded by quicksand. Two men and a female assistant, the trio who accompanied Khan, are seen trembling with fear and trying to escape.

It is commendable how throughout the apparent disaster, SRK was calm and composed. Instead of screaming or adding up to the confusion (which according to viewers of the show, many other participants have often resorted to), the actor is seen helping his co-passengers. He is constantly seen pulling them up and asking them to keep calm. While one man vanished, Khan ensured the other two were around him and did not let go of them. However, that's not all! What happens next is sure to blow your mind. We shall leave that for you to watch, of course.

Needless to say, Khan lost his cool when he found out the reality behind this set up. Initially, he felt aghast, but that soon turned into disgust, as the actor said, "This is nonsense! You got me all the way from India to do this?" While Galal kept pleading Khan to forgive him, with the constant "I love you" and "You are my hero," the actor did not budge. He walked away with his team. Though, we did see a smirk on his face, as he watched Galal's antics. However, if Galal's instagram account is anything to go by, it looks like Khan finally managed to forgive the prankster!

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So, we don't know if the prank was scripted or not, but we gotta give it to SRK for being such a great sport. Khan has always left us awe-inspired, and this episode is yet another fine example. Kudos to SRK for being the real hero and rescuing his co-passengers, even if it was for a prank (although in that situation, he wasn't really aware). Also, how did he manage to stay so calm? If anyone of us were in his place, the scenario would have been more like - "Dayum boy! All hell just broke lose and ain't nobody gonna be spared."
But, that's SRK for you. They call him 'Badshah' for a reason!

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