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For his debut venture as a director, Dinesh Vijan helms a film which brings together passionate lovers, who have been crossing various hurdles and challenges of life. With a tagline that goes - Everything is connected, you know you are in for something interesting. The film stays true to the tagline, with a twist of reincarnation. Shiv (Sushant Singh Rajput) and Saira (Kriti Sanon) cross paths and instantly feel a connection with each other. It’s all hunky dory, until someone from the past ruins their happiness.

The film begins with our Punjabi boy flying to Europe for work. It is here Shiv meets the love of his life - Saira, who makes chocolates. Shiv is a lady killer, while Saira is a single, young, vibrant baker, who often gets some weird dreams in the night. As Shiv and Saira go on to happily romance each other, a twist comes in the form of Zak Merchant (Jim Sarbh), who opens the door to a parallel universe.  He is the answer to all the questions that arise in the first half. However, just when you think it’s all going well, the film becomes a little too predictable in the second half. To know where life leads Shiv, Saira and Zak next, you gotta watch the film!

Sushant Singh Rajput has once again proved that he can make you believe in any character he plays on screen. There is surely no iota of similarity in both the characters he has portrayed in the film. His performance is clearly one of the biggest strengths of this film. Kriti Sanon had a tough time putting her act together, especially when compared to Rajput and Sarbh. After an excellent performance in Neerja, Sarbh brings in the dark and intense feel to the film with his performance.  He has a unique dialogue delivery, which helped his character to come across as strong and impactful. He is intense and mysterious, thus essaying an obsessive lover bang on. Both Rajput and Sanon display crackling chemistry, which definitely stands out. The cameo by Rajkumar Rao (as an old character) and Deepika Padukone’s guest appearance in the title track were both refreshing and interesting. 

In the technical space, the film has good VFX and costumes. The make up is great. Music is interesting and the casting is on point. However, the biggest highlight here would the fabulous background score by Sachin-Jigar. It sets the mood right throughout the film.

Although, Raabta had all the elements of a successful commercial film, somewhere, we felt there was something amiss. You know, how despite having all the other products in place, one missing spice can ruin a dish? That’s exactly what goes wrong here. There is no soul or connect in the film. The storyline was lacklustre. A film like Raabta could have certainly done with a much stronger story and screenplay. It could have only taken the film a notch higher. More so, for the fabulous performances delivered by the cast, especially Rajput and Sarbh.

Verdict: If the storyline doesn't bother you much, go ahead & watch Raabta for the artists. Especially Sushant Singh Rajput, who shines as both a warrior and lover.

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