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 It's tough. It's tough when you have to muster up the courage and write for someone, whose incredible work on the big screen would make a million hearts skip a beat. For someone who was so pure at heart, and incredibly passionate about his work. For someone, who would always warmly greet you with the brightest smile and a twinkle in the eye. You know why this process is so difficult? Because it feels so arduous, linking words like 'was' or 'no more' with an individual - who feels like he is very much around. Sushant Singh Rajput may have crossed the bridge and landed among the stars, to explore the universe (just the way he liked); but his untimely and unfortunate demise continues to pierce our hearts even today. I fondly remember texting or tweeting the actor on his birthday, and receiving the sweetest responses (something I terribly missed since the last 1-2 years, and shall now miss forever). His kindness was always a class apart, and so was his remarkable intelligence, whereby the man could discuss Shakespeare to Saturn in a single breath. I thoroughly enjoyed my interactions with the man, whom I fondly called 'Bright Star' (and rightly so). Little did I know that the star would find his way in the universe so soon. 

Honestly, I couldn't get myself to write any feature or tribute in 2020. Perhaps, I wasn't ready. Or, maybe I could not weave words together to explain my state of mind. However, January 21 marks SSR's 35th birthday. On this special day, I decided to put together some fond memories and quotes by the maverick, from our conversations and interview archives. His words were powerful. Strong enough to always leave an impact. And on his birthday, if there is anything I would like to celebrate, it would be his 'Words' or as he would say - 'Musings'. And no, I wouldn't call it a 'Birth Anniversary' or 'Tribute', because the brightest stars shine - they never die. 

To the brightest star in the universe - Happy, happy birthday! I hope you find peace and happiness, while being surrounded by your favourite muses in the galaxy. You are and shall always be in our hearts.

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  1. Beautiful words, straight from ❤️
    Very well expressed and captured! Kudos👏👏


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