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Who doesn't love a room full of colors? I sure do, especially the use of bright hues. And if there ever comes that one, rare gloomy March morning, those colors around may just come to your rescue. For someone who loves the sunshine, this sudden spell of rain and cold winds in Mumbai ain't helping. And if you have noticed my recent updates on Twitter, you will know that I have been under the weather since the last one week and hence, stationed inside 'home sweet home' for good. But thank god for my brightly done up room. I love waking up to colorful cushions around me, and if that is followed by a cuppa full of hot chocolate in a vibrant mug, my day is certainly made. 

After a quick workout session at home, when work beckons, one can certainly do with those comfortable cushions around. With the laptop tucked away for editing blog posts at a later time, I shift my focus to checking emails on the iPad, that is now housed in a stunning new cover, with vivid streamers all over it. Catching up on a book and finishing a few pages in between work doesn't harm either. Colors, colors all around. What better than working in an environment that celebrates vibrancy, and that too, around the eve of Holi. Surely, the decor items and accessories at India Circus are hard to miss. If you are someone like me who doesn't like wasting water or playing with colors, then stocking up on some India Circus goodness will surely make your celebrations this year a memorable one. 

Tempted to head over to India Circus and fill your cart with some of these fun products in rich and scintillating prints? Well, you must, because keeping the festive season in mind, the folks at India Circus have stocked up some exciting new designs and special curated items. Want a piece of good news? They are offering up to 50% discount on Holi special items. Don't think you need anymore convincing, eh?

Got a favorite buy from India Circus that you would like to chat about or just discuss your plans for Holi? Tweet to us at @priyaadivarekar  We have always got lots of discussions happening in Twitterverse. Now get shopping before you head out for the Holika Dahan.

Look Details
Neon pink sweatshirt - Zara
Mixed metal gray leggings - Forever 21
Spectacles - Custom made (Vogue Eyewear)
Featuring India Circus - Cushions, iPad cover and Mug

Happy Holi! Lots of love,
The Dancebee

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