Training like a Pro | Nike (Part II)

Before I start, here's wishing all the fans and readers of Diary of a Dancebee a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. Personally, 2014 has been a great year and I truly felt like the almighty has blessed me in the best way possible. I took some major decisions, drifted away from a few things and decided to hold on to things I love the most. And to be honest, I am glad I took this step. It gave me the confidence to believe in my work and rise above the usual. I can't thank my family enough for their support, but over and above everything, I must thank all of you. Yes, the readers and well wishers who stood by Diary of a Dancebee and my work for weeks and months, while I juggled a full time job as a journalist. While I do realize that the first half of 2014 saw days when there were no posts or updates, I promised myself to get back with a bang in the second half. And I, along with everyone associated with Diary of a Dancebee, did that in style. The brand transformed itself and presented new dimensions, that will continue to entertain the readers. Thank you for making 2014 a special year for me and Team Diary of a Dancebee. Keep showering your love! xoxo
And now, on to the second part of our 'Training like a Pro' feature with Nike.

While in the first part, we spoke about the fabric, technology, style that Nike swears by, along with putting together the perfect look for training in winters. I have now tweaked the look for a pre-training look (before heading to the gym) or for those want to see how they can style the same look for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2015. Remember, these looks are a sure no-no inside the training area, except for one shown towards the end, where we have kept the jacket aside. Post workout, you can put on the jacket again and head back home with it on, in order to keep your muscles warm and maintain the body temperature. If you catch the cold breeze in anyway, its really not a good thing for your body.

In case you plan to meet your friends before the workout and would like to jazz up the training outfit a bit, play with the way you are wearing that jacket. Wear it over your shoulders for that classic look or just go the casual way by tying it around your waist. These two looks never go wrong and can add a nice twist to the outfit. What's interesting is that Nike has got jackets in different fabrics and a fantastic variety of colors. If you are not the color loving individual, worry not, because you always have the good ol' black or grey option to choose from.

For the training period (and for those who don't want to carry a jacket along to a pre-workout meet up) can just pick a T-shirt in a pretty, bold color and opt for a material that is comfortable for all forms of exercise (be it aerobics, weight lifting, Pilates among others). Wear it with a pair of colorful track pants or workout leggings (or go the sober way by opting for a steel grey hue). Remember to tie your hair up in a neat pony tail or bun during the workout. Once done, leave it open so that the extra sweat doesn't stay there to build residue.

With 2015 just a day away, I am sure most of you would get down to jotting resolutions in a diary somewhere. Going back to the gym or getting fit will surely make its way to most resolution lists. If you are one of them, let me tell you one thing. If you do take up the challenge, don't leave it mid-way. The journey might be a tough one, but the results will only benefit you and that too, on a long term.
So get out there and Just do it!

Have a wonderful NYE and we shall see you in 2015, with tons of new articles, updates, videos and a brand new campaign!

Outfit Details
Obsessed FZ hoodie
Slim Fit swoosh tee in Purple
Hyperwarm Mezzo Training tights
Studio Training shoes - (All) Nike

The Dancebee

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