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Before I begin, here's wishing all the readers a very Happy Makar Sankranti. "Til gul ghya aani god god bolat raha," is our way of ushering in the harvest season and first part of the festive season in the Hindu calendar. The day begins with distribution of jaggery filled sesame laddoos and a hope - that we keep saying all things sweet and kind all year long. Some live by the promise, while most do not.
It is a lot like the promise we make to ourselves at the beginning of the year (in simple terms: resolutions, that I do not believe in). It ranges from getting back to the gym, sticking to a beauty regime to the best of diets and everything else. But have you ever challenged yourself to get of inhibitions? Maybe not.

We live a life where important decisions hold you back. You want to say something, but end up blurting out something totally different. You muster up the courage to confess your love to someone or collect enough money to join a Belly Dancing workshop after months. But somewhere, you get conscious about the whole idea and start thinking about the consequences. As a result, you drop the plan. Maybe, that's what you think was the correct thing to do at that moment. Things could have gone wrong, you think. Your friend may never look at you the same way or your father will be angry at you for spending money on a 'dance' workshop. But have you ever given the idea of "let go of your fear and risk it" a thought? What if you would have explained the need to learn a new dance form and dared to give the Belly Dancing workshop a try. At the end of it, your father would have proudly said, "I am glad you are trying out new things in life." But hey, you took a step back and now the only thing you would have is regret. The regret of not letting go of your inhibitions and chasing your dreams. Is that really what you want to hold on to? If not, then ward off those restrictions and learn to believe in yourself this 2015.

It is absolutely okay to be a free spirited person. If there are people around who don't want you to be like that, tell them that it is a positive word and there is absolutely no harm in being a person who expresses himself/herself freely. Don't bound yourself because of societal judgement. If you really believe in what you are doing and are not indulging in anything that will shame your family or name, then why fear? A few years back, I promised myself that I shall never let inhibitions hold me back. So, if I feel something is right and that I must do it, I just go ahead with my family and the almighty's blessings. I believe that both Success and Happiness are a mix of many elements, and letting go of your inhibitions is just one of them.

The outfit in this post shows off my free spirited side quite wonderfully. I let go off everything when I am working out or dancing with the music blasting on full volume. Its wonderful how Puma, as a brand, has always presented varied range of designs, prints and colors in each collection. The gym leggings in this outfit pretty much explains why I loved these graphic prints from their latest collection. They are colorful, bold and yet not very 'in your face'. Its the kind of an outfit that allows you to celebrate freedom -The freedom to run against the wind. The freedom to do an air split in the middle of nowhere. The freedom to train for hours and be unstoppable! The freedom to be myself. 2015 is going to be all about this and a lot more. Let's ditch those inhibitions and regrets, shall we?

Oh! And did I tell you that the SS 2015 collection by Puma looks super lust worthy? Well, we had a sneak peek and shall give you more details very soon. Also, lots of luck to all the participants of SCMM 2015. I will be there for the run. Quite nervous and excited, but I am sure its gonna be good.

Outfit Details

Gym 3/4 Tight leggings
Studio Graphic Tee
Formlite XT Ultra2 Ombre WNS shoes
PR Pure Nightcat Jacket {All} - Puma

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