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She is one of the few actresses who will not shy away from calling a spade, a spade. She is doing more films than her contemporaries, or even some of the male actors her age. From a dream debut in Dabangg to working in maximum number of 100 crore club hits in Bollywood, Sonakshi Sinha has been successfully shining in the galaxy of stars, making a mark and walking away with tons of fans with each film. She has been a lucky charm for most of her directors and actors. And they too can't stop raving about her. With a masaledaar entertainer like Tevar coming up this week and an action film with Murgadoss (where she will be seen playing the solo lead) that she will soon start working on, Sinha sure has her hands full with all things amazing. In an exclusive chat, Shotgun Jr. talks to Priya Adivarekar about everything that she loves - Fashion, Films and more. Oh, and did I mention her new crop with red streaks looks fantastic. Yes, it does!

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You have worked with actors like Ajay Devgn, Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan; as well as actors from the younger generation like Shahid Kapoor and now Arjun Kapoor. Is there any difference in the equation you share with them?
As such, there is no difference. With any actor, one can't really compare two people because every individual has a different personality and a completely unique style of working. They conduct themselves in a different manner on the sets. But if I really have to pick a difference between the seniors and actors who are my age, I would say that while working with the seniors, you get to learn a lot because of the vast experience they have had in the industry. With actors my age, we sort of learn and grow together, along with learning from the technicians and crew members that we work with.

 As an actor, what kind of success gives you more happiness? Commercial or critical?
For me, films are meant to entertain as many people as they can. So, if my film is reaching out to more people, that definitely makes me happy. Hence, I will obviously pick box office success over the other. But on the other hand, if people appreciate my work like they did in Lootera, even that makes me happy.

Films are meant to entertain as many people as they can. So, if my film is reaching out to more people, that definitely makes me happy

Although Action Jackson didn't quite hit the bulls eye, your Tamil Debut, Lingaa, got a decent response. 
Yes, and I couldn't have asked for a better debut down South, than working with the legend - Rajini sir, himself. He is loved, respected and worshipped across the globe. But, I am yet to meet someone more humble and simple as him. There is so much to learn from someone who is as passionate about his work as he must have been decades back. The first time I met Rajini sir was as a kid, when I had gone to Chennai with my parents, and directly after that, I met him on the set (laughs). I told him, "Sir, I am very nervous," but instead, he turned and said, "Why are you nervous? I am the one who should be nervous, because you are my friend's daughter." That really broke the ice. He is a very cool person! On the sets of Lingaa, I was not made to feel like an outsider at all. The entire cast and crew made me feel extremely comfortable. The director, K.S.Ravikumar, was also quite impressed with the way I picked up the language, although I would always need someone with a placard to prompt me in between scenes (smiles). But, he was shocked at my accent and even said that "You sound like one of us." Maybe, it helps when you do three films with Prabhu Dheva and one with Murgadoss (laughs).

In each of the back-to-back releases that you have had, be it Action Jackson, Lingaa or Tevar, you are seen sporting a different look. How easy or difficult is it to balance each look and character, especially when you are working on these films around the same time?
Each film requires me to look a certain way and I enjoy that process. Its not very difficult, especially since I am a Geminian. I like to be somebody different everyday and I am more than happy to experiment in every film. Different looks, different characters. Its great fun!

Will your fans get to see you doing a full fledged woman oriented film? 
Absolutely! (smiles) My next film with AR Muragadoss sir is an out and out woman centric action film, which I start working on by the end of this month. Here, its me who will be doing all the action, so I may undergo some training for the stunts to look a little real. I am looking forward to that film.

I like to be somebody different everyday and I am more than happy to experiment in every film. Different looks, different characters

Being someone with an experience in fashion, do you give inputs when it comes to your look in a film?
Well, I always have a stylist and designer who works on my look, be it in a film or an event appearance. But despite all that, I love adding my own little inputs here and there. If there is a particular scene where I feel like incorporating something from my own wardrobe, I don't shy away from doing that. I have been doing this right from the beginning of my career. I actually believe that no one understands your body better than you. Also, since I have studied fashion designing for three years before getting into acting, I feel I have good knowledge about such things.

Have you ever felt like going the fashionista way like your contemporaries?
Ah well! Not really. Its not something that I would give importance to (laughs). I am very happy about the way I am today and I like being casual, which I think is my kind of style. That's just how I have been. So, for me to become a prim and proper fashionista would require additional effort and thought, which I think is not going to make a difference to my career in the bigger scheme of things. My work is to act and be a part of films. I would rather focus on that. Anyway, my outfits in most films pretty much set a trend. Like some Sonakshi salwar from Rowdy Rathore and the Saree ke fall sa sari from R... Rajkumar became quite popular. That's what I like more.

Working on multiple projects, dubbing for Rio 2 and making a debut in the Tamil Film Industry. Do you think 2014 has been a landmark year for you?
Kind of you to say that (smiles). But, whatever it has been, I am just gonna make sure that 2015 is even better.

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