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There are days when you lose all hope and just don't want to give anything a chance. In your mind, you know that a little bit of effort may just do the trick, but instead, you prefer to hang your boots and distance yourself from all kinds of conversations. Then, there are times when you are so confused and puzzled, that all you need is that one ray of hope, that can change your perspective towards life and things around you for good. You may not always find a source of sunshine around you and that is when you need to build a strong and positive state of mind. It's important, because positivity not only reflect on your mental state, but also on your face, health and overall well being. Read on to know more about the ten simple things that you need to do and tell yourself everyday.

1. Don't stop dreaming! Work hard, so much that you are capable enough to strike off one item after another from your bucket list, before you accomplish your final goal. Never give up!

2. Get up, get out of your bed and welcome the sunshine with open arms. Whip up a healthy breakfast, mixed with a few good food items that you like. Listen to your favourite song or enjoy a light conversation with your bestie on the phone (or your family, if you are not alone), because your early morning mood can affect how you feel during the rest of the day.

3. Look out of the window and appreciate the beautiful works of Mother Nature. Hear the birds chirping, look at the lush green trees and the beautiful blue sky. They are all there for you, so remember, you are not alone.

4. Do a quick 5 minute meditation technique to get rid of all your anxieties and troublesome worries. Take a deep breath, stretch your body and in eight counts, slowly relax your body, look down and exhale.

5. Bring out your favourite outfit, pair it up with the perfect accessories and choose the right make-up products. Instead of stressing over it and making it a formal drill, dressing up should keep you excited about which outfit you can show off the next day. A well put together outfit always ensures compliments, which can definitely make your day.

6. Don't forget to wear your most important accessory - A smile! You may not realise its worth, till you notice how your smile can make someone else's day. Try it, and you won't be disappointed. And don't forget, its the most precious accessory, that can make even the most boring days look better.

7. Don't just wait for someone to give you a hug or say how pretty you are looking today. Walk towards the mirror, take a look and hug yourself. "You are special and there is no one like you" - repeat this line and walk ahead confidently. Learn to love yourself too.

8. Do not assume that things will turn out to be disastrous and nothing will work your way. Starting your day on a negative note is the worst thing to do. Always believe in yourself and say - Yes! I will have a great day.

9. A simple To-Do list can really organise things in your life for good. Don't try to pack your list with multiple tasks, which you may not even end up completing (which will make you feel all the more miserable). Jot down a few important tasks & work out your schedule in a way that the tasks can be easily achieved.

10. A tiny treat for your accomplishments, no matter how big or small, is always welcome. Go, buy a small bar of chocolate, pick up a bunch of fresh flowers for your vase or just go watch a film. Remember, you deserve it!

Go ahead, believe in yourself and fill your life with lots of happiness.

Much love,
The Dancebee

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