Covid-19 | Preventive Measures against Coronavirus

Covid-19 continues to spread across various countries, bringing many cities to a standstill and forcing us to change our everyday work routine. Several precautions being taken by health ministries and governments of different countries, states - ranging from shutting down cinema halls, to gyms, swimming pools and even educational institutions. Even certain companies aren't far behind - with many offering 'work from home' facilities, to ensure that their employees avoid traveling in larger crowds. Every individual is busy creating their own list of preventive steps. And no, chanting 'Go Corona' isn't a definite step. Nope!

While updates roll out, it is important to note -  Social media is packed with tons of information. Well, that's a fact. The internet is filled with all kinds of misconceptions, rumours, fake forwards and suggestions - many of which are constantly churned out from the social media factory. As alert citizens, it is our duty to share the right piece of information and be aware about the integral tips that need to be followed. While you research and look at various factors behind this disaster, let's just understand one fact - We must follow the basic necessities first! As a socially conscious creator, I felt the need to compile and share some important protective measures against Covid-19 (key reference: World Health Organisation). Remember, we are in this together! Let's make this world a better place, and fight against Covid-19 responsibly. 

And while you are at it - remember to save water and avoid keeping the tap on, while you use the soap. 

Please feel free to share these tips with your loved ones. And remember - avoid spreading rumours! As alert citizens, let's be responsible for the content and messages that we share. Also, it would be great if we can integrate basic hygiene processes in our daily routine more effectively. Things like using a sanitiser or washing hands regularly as basic ways in which we can prevent many more diseases.

Follow World Health Organisation @WHO  on Twitter for official information and updates regarding Covid-19. Alternatively, you can also choose to follow the official handle of your nation's health ministry (For India - you can follow Ministry of Health)

Stay Safe. Be Alert! Lots of love to each and every follower.
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