Top 5 Winter must-haves

I am loving the Mumbai winters! It's so chilly and pleasant. Sometimes, the temperature tends to drop drastically and I have to hunt for a comfortable sweater or cardigan in my wardrobe. Usually, January in Mumbai is slightly cold and it gives people like me a chance to bring out all those fun apparel and accessories, that were otherwise tucked away somewhere.
Yes people, its time to flaunt these winter must-haves!

1. Military coats
One of my favorite winter must have. Military coats are stylish, chic and super comfortable. If the temperature in your city falls to less than 5 degree Celsius (or in my case, even 8-10 degrees is enough), a Military coat in any color of your choice is a must have. Military coats are a classic favorite and can be worn on top of dresses, sweaters, leggings or just about anything. This season, military coats with metallic buttons are a huge rage. Also, check out coats with fur or leather. Something different doesn't hurt anyone!

Asos Premium military drop back coat - Image source: Asos Fashion Finder

2. Striped Knit Cardigans/Dresses
Stripes are huge this season and  I am in love with some of my striped knit cardigans. Colorful stripes can lift up any dull, boring outfit. If you are too bored to dress up (especially for those early morning lectures), just wear your favorite pair of jeans, a basic white tee and a striped cardigan. There! You are ready to rock the cold, winter morning. If you are not a jeans and tee person, then opt for a striped knit dress, which will keep you warm and looks stylish at the same time. Wear it with a pair of leggings (optional), quirky sling bag and some accessories.

Calvin Klein Stripe Knit Sweater Dress 
3. Blazers 
My favorite item in the wardrobe is a blazer, hands down! Whatever little winter I get to enjoy in Mumbai is usually dedicated to all the blazers in my wardrobe. Your blazer doesn't have to be a boring black or a formal grey all the time. Choose from some fun colors and add some 'Joy' to the otherwise dark and cold Winter. Blazers are super comfortable. So the next time you are headed for an event or a movie date, don't forget to take your Blazer out for company.

L to R: Alexander McQueen Blazer, Jade jersey blazer - Zara

4. Cashmere Sweaters
When in doubt, wear a cashmere sweater. I have many cashmere sweaters in my wardrobe. You can buy them in different colors, prints and necklines. I found some good ones at Mango and Zara last year. Right now, with sales going on at most stores, you can get some great deals too. Cashmere sweaters are pretty affordable and it's a good idea to stock up on one or two of them in bright colors. If it's too cold (like it is in Delhi right now), you can wear this sweater with a comfortable wrap.

Silk and Cashmere Sweater - shop.mango.com

5. Statement Scarves
I love scarves. I always end up with a sore throat (thanks to the cold wind) during Winters. Thankfully, statement scarves save me from falling sick. Plus, they spruce up a outfit and how! You have lots of options to choose from - From leopard prints to floral, plain neon to knitted ones. Buy the one that you like or suits you best and get ready for a stylish winter day. Tie it around your neck in a fun way or wear it over your head to cover your ears on a bike ride, have fun playing with your statement scarf!

Image source: Zara


  1. i love striped knit cardigans and got one in my collection. it's my fav go to.

    1. I am a big time cardigan hoarder.
      Be it knits or different colors, I really like them.

  2. I love winters too! It's my favorite season to dress up. That is a great list you've got there. My favorite has to be the military coat. I just love the way it can keep you warm and stylish and also give your body some shape and definition!


  3. Nice post,all winter must have covered


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