When MAC opened their first store in India, I was excited. But being a regular college going girl, their products are slightly expensive and burns a big hole in the pocket. Plus, I don't like asking dad to buy me expensive make up items. But this year, post a couple of VO projects, I managed to save up a decent amount, enough to buy some MAC make up items that I've been eyeing for some time. Plus, with just less than a week for my birthday, I thought its high time I gift those items to myself (More like a self-gift therapy). I wanted them anyway right? So here goes, I got MAC-a-FIED!

I went to the Palladium outlet (Alert: The artists here are always busy, you might have to wait for a good 10-15 mins before they help you out. So have some patience!) and had to wait for sometime before an artist walked up to me and asked if I need any help. The first product on my list was a good eye pencil in black, which I wear almost everyday. I swear by the Maybelline colossal Kajal (but the one I have got damaged the moment I used it for the first time), but I always wanted to try the MAC eye Kajal pencil. The quality is really good and the product doesn't make me cry (Yes! Many other pencils make me shed a tear or even more).

Next on my wish list was the MAC lip balm. I've been an ardent fan of The Body Shop fruity lip balms for years now. But of late, I feel their quality has dropped down slightly and the lip balms have become a bit sticky. But I still continue to use it sometimes because I swear by their Strawberry lip balm. Anyway, coming back to MAC. My sister picked up a lip balm sometime back and I loved it. That's when I decided that I will buy this product whenever I visit the store. They had four shades - Fuchsia, Nude, Transparent and Red. I picked up Fuchsia. A small dab is enough to give your lips a soft, smooth feeling and a tinge of pink (which looks great in Summers).

I've been hunting for a good make up remover which also doubles up as a cleanser (For those days when I don't have any make up on, but the dust & heat have done enough damage to my face). I've used Kaya's make up remover in the past and of course, I've always trusted the good ol' Johnson's baby oil for to remove my eye make up. My skin is extremely sensitive and hence, I don't experiment much with products that I use on my face. I asked the artist if the MAC make up remover (which is also a specialized eye & lip make up remover) is available for sensitive skin. She gave me a tester to wipe off the eye make up on my face (No worries,she did a free eye makeover for me post my shopping) and I found the product to be really good and soft on my skin. Moreover, with a oil & water concoction, it cant go wrong. I've tried it twice post my shopping spree & I'm really happy with this product. But it really burns a BIG FAT hole in your pocket!

And finally, my favourite product! MAC lipstick in Morange from their Iris Apfel collection. I'm a big fan of bright, pop colours. I've been hunting for a good shade of orange lipstick since a long time. The NYX round lipstick in the orange hue seen Here is more on the shimmery side. I wanted something perfect for the day. I also wanted the MAC lipstick in Party parrot, but unfortunately that was out of stock. Beat this, I got the last piece of this shade. Others who came searching for it had to go out empty handed in front me. WIN-WIN!!!

Overall, I can I'm quite content with my shopping experience at MAC (but they can do with a slightly bigger store if possible. The place is cramped with customers & artists and I've seen many customers leave looking at the rush). The artist was sweet and cleared all my queries. MAC store visits will definitely be on my cards whenever I manage to save up :) Much love!


  1. Wow. Majorrrr shopping girl? :) But you deserve it seems like. I too have a sensitive skin, so maybe I should try MAC make up remover, currently using Chambor :)
    Anyhoooo, seems like you had a jolly good time. Looking forward to more. Following you now.


    1. Trust me, I had to save up a lot! MAC products are so not College student friendly (in terms of price). And I guess gifting yourself 4-5 days before your birthday is a good idea no? I'm on a make up shopping ban for atleast 2 months now (or probably more).
      How's the chambor make up remover btw?
      Thank you so much for the follow <3 Lotsa love xoxo

  2. I love morange! The color is so fun but my goes to color of mac is cream de nude sis but o think mac lips is great for color range its so variety but unfortunately the chemicle in them dry out my lips like crazy so i save it for special event only

    1. I know! Same here, It's crazy expensive for us students :P I've saved it for special shows and events only.


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