Clash of the Lipsticks - Revlon Lip Butter vs Maybelline The Jewels

Maybelline and Revlon launched their much awaited range of new lipsticks last month. Both the collections had the lipstick hoarders going gaga over these little beauties. The Maybelline jewels collection has hues of pink, chianti, red and purple while the Revlon lip butter range has different shades Red and Pink.
Let's see which lipstick walks away with more brownie points!

Revlon color-burst Lip butter

- This product is glossy and extremely hydrating.

- The name says a lot about this product. Its just like butter - smooth and soft.

- It is highly pigmented and stays on for 2-3 hours

- Serves the purpose of both a lipstick and a tinted gloss/lip balm (depends on the application)

- Stylish packaging (which has always been a plus point for Revlon lipsticks)

Size - 2.55 gms

Price - Rs 600

Maybelline Color sensational The Jewels lipstick

- Texture of the lipstick is smooth and very similar to the other Maybelline color sensational lipsticks

- The biggest advantage of this product is that it is highly pigmented

- Stays on for 3-4 hours

- The colors are perfect for Autumn/Winter 2012 (There are shades of oxblood in almost 2-3 lipsticks)

- The product has a creamy finish

- The packaging is extremely classy (very similar to the other lipsticks in the color sensational range)

Price - Rs 350
Weight - 3.9 gms

Final Verdict
Both the products are different, so comparing them wouldn't be fair. While Maybelline The Jewels has some amazing shades for night wear (especially parties and events), Revlon lip butter can be worn both during the day and night (I have worn Sweet tart to college sometimes, and it looks like a tinted lip balm). Both the products have one con each. The Maybelline lipstick tends to bleed sometimes while the Revlon lip butter might start melting (as is the case with my candy apple shade) if you don't keep it in a cool, dry place all the time. Maybelline also has an advantage with the price, as it is cheaper than its Revlon counter part. But, loyal fans of Revlon will still go ahead and buy the Lip butter (as I did). 
To sum it up, both the products should make their way into your vanity case this season!

Maybelline The Jewels - 4.8/5
Revlon Lip butter - 4.9/5

Have you tried any of these lipsticks?
Do share your experience with us!


  1. I've 2 revlon lip butters. Really happy to have them:D

  2. i wud def vote for the maybelline..btw m ur new follower preetha..u remember? oriflame meet?

    1. Hey Preetha,
      nice to see you here! :)
      Of course I remember you.


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