MAMI (Mumbai Film Festival 2011)

MAMI Mumbai film festival 2011 ended on October 20th with the screening of the films, Dolphin Tale and Pina. I consider myself lucky, as I got the opportunity to watch 14 brilliantly crafted films this year, thanks to the fact that Cinemax Sion was one of the venues. It was an amazing experience and honestly, being a Film and Literature student, there was a lot to learn from each of these films. Some films had scripts which were beyond imagination, some had simple stories and some were just visually stunning. Also, the editing techniques, visual effects and use of light in some of these films was just superb.

I decided to watch films made in different languages rather than just sticking to English. Also, I did not blindly believe what the critics had said about a certain film. If the subject was interesting, I was just went for it. Out of all the films I've seen, I would like to recommend some that should definitely make their way on your must watch list!

1.Generation P (Russian) - Based on the novel by Russian author Victor Pelevin. The film focuses on the rise of the advertising industry in Post-Soviet Russia.

2. My Little Princess (French) - One of my favorites! Directed by Eva Lonesco, this film is about the love-hate relationship between an eccentric mother Hannah and her sweet 10yr old daughter Violetta. The mother who is a photographer, asks her daughter to pose in frilly period grab just for fun. As days go by, from being a normal school girl, Violetta suddenly becomes the class pariah and is forced to pose nude by her own mother. My Little Princess won the Best film award at MAMI this year.

3. Lovely Man (Indonesian) - Cahaya, a girl with strong Islamic values, discovers that her father is a transvestite working on the streets. The story unfolds in one night which they spent together. A sensitive subject that was handled with great maturity.

4. La conquete (French) - The film shows France and it's run up to the presidential elections. This film is the journey of Nicolas Sarkozy, the man who gained power, but at the cost of losing his wife.

5. Pina - Pure poetry in motion! That's the only way I can describe this beautiful movie. This feature length dance film portrays the inimitable art of the German choreographer Pina Bausch, who died in Summer 2009. The film was in 3D and is aesthetically shot. The choreography was well, simply stunning!

6.Sunny - (South Korean) A MUST WATCH! It will definitely strengthen your special bond with the besties. Some moments in the film made me cry, while some made me think, "Wow, I might think the same way 10-15 years later." The film is about a group of friends, who form a group in school called Sunny. All the girls come from different walks of life. They get separated, only to meet each other years later.

7.Urumi - (Malayalam) A Period drama starring Prithvi and Genelia D'souza, which is a real story about a boy named Kelu and Vasco Da Gama. The cinematography of this movie is breathtaking and so are the visual effects.

8. 17 Filles (French) - 17 girls decide to pregnant for fun and they don't know what's coming their way.

MAMI 2011 has pushed me to think beyond Indian, Regional and International cinema. I was shocked to see Molaghat, a beautiful film helmed by 3 directors (They have analysed the meaning of death in their own way through 3 short stories) from Iran. Such film fests are a boon to people like me who love World cinema!

So try and watch these fabulous films whenever you can and I am sure you will love it as much as I did. The MAMI team is doing a fantastic job by bringing together some wonderful world movies all under one roof. Can't wait for the 14th edition of this wonderful film festival now.

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