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2020 is almost here. I mean, can you believe it? A brand new decade! Teenage years are bidding adieu to welcome the 'Twenties'. The brand new year is just a few days away, and it's that time of the year when we scout for planners, journals and notebooks to jot down our goals for the new year ahead. We've all got our wish lists, to-do lists, resolutions and goals ready for 2020, and needless to say, all of us have our own set of dreams and aspirations to fulfil. What better than penning down ideas and thoughts on a brand new planner? 

And c'mon, is there anyone who doesn't love cute stationary, especially organisers loaded with goodies like stickers, motivational quotes, pages for personal growth and more? If you are one of those who still hasn't found the perfect planner for the new year, don't worry! We've got you covered. Here are some of our favourite planners for 2020, that will keep you motivated and organised in the brand new year.

2020 Endless Indulgence Planner

Brand: Papel Jam | Price: Rs 1899

With 222 pages (including stickers and separators), Papel Jam's 2020 planner is packed with a lot of amazing features! From 12 month weekly dated pages to monthly habit tracker and additional set of note pages towards the end of each month; this one's a good buy!

Let's Goal Planner 2020

Brand: Let's Goal | Price: Rs 1536
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A planner inspired by key aspects like utility, self improvement, efficiency and self care? Yes, please! Artist Driti's Let's Goal planner has 180 pages to keep you well organised and updated, all year long. The planner includes pages dedicated to goal planning, habit tracking, 12-month view and more. Like what you see? We highly recommend you book this before January 15th.

2020 Classic 12 Month Planner

Brand: Odd Giraffe | Price: Rs 1199

One of our favourite picks - the Odd Giraffe planner is all set to inspire and push you to "work work work" your best in 2020! This hardcover planner comes with a set of adorable stickers, pages reserved for year + month + weekly view, weekend to-do lists, doodle pages and a space reserved for 'goal diggers'. What's not to love here?

Cubo Annual Planner 2020 - Medium Wire-O-Cute

Brand: Artchetype  | Price: Rs 2100

Perfect for the busy bees, who can't do without a large planner and need tons of to-do lists, schedules and priorities to jot down everyday. And of course, we've got the adorable lil' Panda 'Cubo' to cheer you up and keep you organised. From priority lists to meal planning, weekly focus, financial planning habit tracking and more; this one's got the boss girl in you covered for the year ahead!

Dream Big Planner 2020

Brand: Instanote | Price: Rs 799

Looking for a budget friendly planner, which motivates you to soar high and dream big? Look no further! This one's got space reserved for your meetings, events and project deadlines. Improve your efficiency by jotting down your goals for the year, and keep a tab on your skills, activities and to-do lists. Oh, and this planner also comes with pages for the movies, books, and shopping items on your wish list.

The 11:11 2020 Planner

Brand: Gliterally Gold Studio | Price: Upon request
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We strongly believe it's time to make a wish in 2020, and what better than welcoming the year with the 11:11 planner! This generalised, undated planner is perfect to use till the next year (or even till 2022), and includes pages like water challenge, Habit tracker, doodle pages, password
keeper, dream tacker, bucket list, wish list, and much more.

Brushed Strokes 2020 Planner

Brand: Doodle | Price: Rs 999

Doodle planners come in a variety of cover options, but we personally liked the Brushed Strokes version (because the colours look dreamy). Apart from undated note and monthly planner pages, this comes with a travel log and bucket list for all those who can't do without switching on their 'vacay' mode. There is also a mood tracker to keep up with your feelings, and some cute tear away note + quote cards. Oh, and did we mention - a space to jot down some mindfulness activities too. 

Have you found the perfect planner already? How are you preparing to list down goals and vision for 2020? Leave a comment and Join the conversation on 

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