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During the ongoing monsoon season, when fresh fish is not readily available, the locals in #Goa don’t mind swapping the Fish in their Goan Curry with Okra (Bhindi). During our recent trip, we had the opportunity to interact with Chef George, while staying at the Acron Waterfront Resort. On our second day of stay, the staff at AWR organised a special cooking workshop, where we got the chance to learn how a Vegetarian Goan Curry can be made. So, take your cooking books and notepads out! It's time to take notes. 


Sliced Onions
Sliced Green Chillies
Home Made Goan Curry Paste (Made using assorted spices & coconut milk)
Thick Coconut Milk
Chopped Okra (Bhindi)
Chopped Tomatoes 

Watch the Full Video to know how you can make the Vegetarian Goan Curry at home! 

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