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To travel and unwind is to let your soul run free. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, we took sometime out for a quick getaway to the land of sunshine, serenity and sand - Goa. And what better than planning your stay at a property, that offers the best of all that and a lot more? We knew it couldn't get better than choosing one of the best properties in North Goa - the Acron Waterfront Resort - which offers a breathtaking view of the Baga river, and further, the ever buzzing Baga Beach. We spent four days, lazing around at this beautiful property (more on that in our next post). Needless to say, we have got enough reasons to prove why this stunning boutique resort needs to be on top of your list during the next Goan getaway.

Spacious, Comfortable Rooms
Tiny rooms with minimum space for movement? A big no for any relaxing holiday, especially those with friends and / or family. We all look forward to spending quality time with our loved ones, while chit-chatting, playing board games or just enjoying a discussion post late night dinner. And if your property offers a spacious room, along with lots of space to sit, move around and literally - feel just like home, then you know you've made the right choice. Our stay at Acron Waterfront Resort felt just like that! Each of the 47 rooms (including the newly added suites) were incredibly spacious and offered breathtaking views from the private balcony. Complete with modern amenities and plenty of space; we fell in love with our Seaside Room, the moment we walked in!

Sense of Tranquility
Every individual has their own reasons to pick a specific property during their stay. What if I told you this boutique resort has something to cater to everyone; while maintaining one integral USP - Tranquility - all around the property. Many people love their bit of fun and madness, but there are many (like me), who like to unwind at peace. We all look forward to some calm moments, especially since we live supremely hectic lifestyles. Lazy early morning walks, amidst the calm environment of the courtyard, was an absolute favourite! Despite being nestled in the middle of a bustling beach area, one can experience pure calmness and bliss.

The River Restaurant
The perfect way to end a long day of touristy views - a quiet candle lit dinner by the riverside. And of course, how can anyone resist kickstarting their day with a powerful breakfast, and that view? The River Restaurant is their in-house dining space. It offers a delicious breakfast spread and all day dining for non-staying guests as well. While the restaurant is well known for dishing out some unique fusion of Goan delicacies, we also liked their spin on simple, everyday breakfast items. The breakkie spread was delish, to say the least! Our favourite pick - Puri Bhaji. The item can be ordered during breakfast hours, and trust me - the crispy, piping hot puris and scrumptious bhaji (we sampled tomato-potato and chole on different days) was simply yum! Oh, and we also got the chance to cook up some delicious Goan lunch favourites, thanks to a masterclass by Chef George (which can be arranged at the restaurant for you as well). More on that very soon on our Instagram.

Infinity Pool
Easily my favourite part of any holiday property! And, I personally think Acron Waterfront Resort has hit it out of the park with the perfect infinity pool view. The scenic Baga river flows gently, and makes for a peaceful backdrop, as you relax and soak in some sunshine. You can literally get a panoramic view of Baga - right from the bridge, river to the glimpses of Arabian sea, while you take a dip, swim or just calmly enjoy the view, while resting on the pool loungers. Need a break to quench your thirst on a hot summer day? The pool bar has got you covered. Needless to say, there is no better way to beat the heat in Summer - when the temperatures hit 40 degrees - than enjoying a Virgin Mojito and relaxing by the poolside, on a lazy weekday evening. Our favourite moment has got to be enjoying the sunset, while being the pool! Truly, an incredible experience.

Unmatched Views
Baga Beach on one side, buzzing Baga Bridge on the other and of course, a breathtaking view of the Baga River - right in front of your property. We spent several hours taking in the natural light and views from our sea side room, which had the perfect view of the river meets Arabian sea confluence. Waking up to soft breeze, the sound of waves and birds chirping all around; while enjoying a morning cuppa in our spacious balcony, became a daily ritual, that we just couldn't get enough of. Of course, visiting the property during monsoon and winter has it's own perks (read: spending time by the poolside on chilly winter evenings with bae or enjoying some rain dance with your family in the open courtyard of the property - pick your favourite).

Bonus: Hospitality - A special mention of the excellent hospitality and service by the incredible staff. They were prompt and extremely helpful. Right from the housekeeping to dining and management; every member was warm, welcoming and extremely courteous. This is one of the most important factors for most families, couples and even groups during their long stay at a property. And well, Acron Waterfront Resort has scored full marks in this department, and too, with flying colours!

Well, we have given you enough reasons to book your next stay in North Goa at the Acron Waterfront Resort. They have got some exciting offers all year long, so don't forget to keep an eye out on their official website! And, do stay tuned for some more interesting stories related to our recent stay.
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