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The headline may have left you wondering, "Didn't Dear Zindagi release last year already?" Well, it sure did. However, I know several folks who missed the chance to watch this acclaimed film on the big screen. But, guess what? The wait is finally over. The film is all set to air on the small screen this weekend, with a World Television Premiere scheduled on Sunday at 12 pm. For those who came in late, Gauri Shinde's directorial venture 'Dear Zindagi' stars Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan in the lead, and focuses on mental health as the core subject. 

But, you may ask - Why should I spend my Sunday afternoon watching this film, instead of the good ol' drama show or match highlights? Well, we've got more reasons than one to prove why you must tune into Zee Cinema and watch Dear Zindagi this Sunday.


Alia - SRK Chemistry: In an industry where romantic on-screen pairs and characters rule the roost, we had SRK and Alia display excellent chemistry as a therapist (psychiatrist) - patient pair. Highlight of the film, of course, has got to be their counselling sessions. The ease and comfort with which they interact is fabulous. Their conversations look real and relatable, which makes it an interesting watch.

SRK in a different avatar: We have seen him steal our hearts as Raj Malhotra in DDLJ, and more recently, he taught us how 'Koi dhanda chota nahi hota' in Raees. Well, that's superstar Shah Rukh Khan for you - versatile as ever. While we have seen him essay several characters ranging from a lover boy to don, street side tapori to a heartbroken professor; his character in Dear Zindagi was a breakaway from everything he has done in the past. Khan plays the role a therapist for the very first time, and that too, with a twist. His character - Jehangir 'Jug' Khan has a unique approach for all his cases. What's it all about? You need to watch the film and find out.

Music: Most of us believe that the soundtrack of a film can make or break it. Fortunately, Dear Zindagi is packed with some refreshingly different and melodious songs. Amit Trivedi's compositions and Kausar Munir's soulful lyrics form a great melange, that is heartwarming, light and easy on the ear. Our favourites have got to be 'Love you Zindagi', sung by Jasleen Royal and of course, the recreated version of 'Ae Zindagi' sung by Arijit Singh. You can't help but fall in love with the OST, slowly and steadily.

Performances: One of the key highlights and strongest pro of this film has got to be the performances delivered by lead actors, and well, our reviewer too agreed. Alia's nuanced performance as the young cinematographer - Kaira, who fights against her inner emotional turmoil, earned her accolades from industry stalwarts. The actress took home top awards for her natural, balanced act. Khan's naturally flawless performance as therapist Jug strikes an instant connect. Minutes into his 'gyan filled session' and you will believe that indeed, this world is a beautiful place to live in. 

The Takeaway: While Dear Zindagi does have its usual entertainment and filmy moments that stay with you, the biggest takeaway from this film has got to be the motivation to live, love and laugh. Today, we live a fast paced life, follow hectic routines and tire ourselves to no end, all in our quest to emerge successful and become the best. The crazy competition out there has got us stuck in a whirlwind, and the way out usually gets quite difficult. The result? We have forgotten to enjoy some of life's most simplest pleasures. Or like a friend of mine likes to call it - 'Theraav'. Enjoying a mango popsicle on a sunny day or watching the raindrops pitter-patter on the window pane with a cup of coffee in hand; we usually ignore these moments because everybody is in a rush to be 'somewhere'. In a bid to follow the herd, stick to routines or live upto societal pressures, most people lose their mental peace. Dear Zindagi explores this very concept in a beautiful way. It has the answers to a 20-something's inner turmoil, and also helps the audience discover a different side to life. A side that he / she may know about, but had to leave behind in order to join the rat race. It's about time we respect ourselves, enjoy the small joys of life and learn to live a little.

 This Sunday, get your family together with a large tub of home-made popcorn (or maybe, some yummy lunch), tune in, sit back and relax. Watch the World Television Premiere - Dear Zindagi, on April 23 at 12 pm IST, only on Zee Cinema.

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