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Yes, this is an outfit post. I am back with one after quite sometime (and I apologise for being MIA in this space). Summer is almost here and it has got us craving for some beach time, or just lazying around the pool. It's also the time to sport relaxed casuals, breathable fabrics and some of my favourite colours. This season, I am crushing on tropical hues. But, before I start straying away from the main topic, let me tell you - this is not your usual #ootd post. We are here to discuss a little more than just fashion.

The last decade got us absorbed into the digital world. Hectic lifestyle, multitasking and running around for errands ensured that we turn to the digital world for faster updates. From reading books to catching up on breaking news and discussions with friends, the digital takeover is hard to ignore. While those working outside the 'world of web' can afford the luxury of a 'digital detox', it's not the same for folks like me. Website editors, bloggers and influencers literally 'live' in the digital world. Reading updates, research, shortlisting ideas, keeping a check on trends, editing and publishing content, it's all happening out there! Basically, our 'roti, kapda aur makaan' pretty much depends on this fast paced digital sphere, jo kabhi nahi rukta.

Personally, I have never been a 'phone' person. I remember how during a conversation with friends about how much they love their phones and can't do without it, I remember choosing my iPod over the phone. I was never into long calls or constant messaging. I would rather meet a person and chat for hours, than depend on SMS. However, times have changed and it's like the entire world is now on our finger tips. Be it 'trending' news, stories or updates, I get a lot of it covered while on the go. So, the phone pretty much helps me with a lot of tasks throughout the day. Though, I still like those 'rare days' when I have the luxury of keeping my phone away for a few hours to watch a film or read a book (or better, create new dance routines). 

However, off late, I have been turning to my phone (and iPad) for apps that help organise, schedule and also, boost productivity in more ways than one. While I do maintain a traditional diary for scheduling and other important tasks, some of these supremely efficient apps also help. Especially when I have to create lists or check my schedule for the week, and the diary is not around. Overtime, I have used these apps frequently, and they've been nothing less than a boon. For those who like to stay organised, I am quite sure some of these apps will make their way into your smartphone soon.

Evernote: One of my favourite apps. Evernote does a great job of syncing important notes, to-do lists among a host of different stuff across all connected devices. Easily accessible and very easy to share. You can also create groups to collaborate with members and discuss projects, share notes, lists. The best part? Use the camera to scan documents. They have both paid and free packages. Hands down, a must have for every individual, especially entrepreneurs and those working in the digital space.

Wunderlist: Another favourite (and a frequently used app). I've been using Wunderlist on three devices. It does a fab job of syncing and scheduling to-do lists. I also use it to share work lists with my team. It also helps while delegating work within the team / department. Works as a great tool to collaborate on and create lists for different requirements. 

Pocket: Bookmarking websites or a post on social media individually? It will never be the same once you have Pocket. Yes, Evernote does this for you too. But, Pocket is a fairly easy to use option, especially for those who find Evernote a little too overwhelming. There are times when I am reading an article and may stop it midway, due to a task or interruption. Pocket can save links, videos or clips from the web or social media for you to read / watch later. Plus, it also has a great text-to-speech feature. Do try!

Peek Calendar: Wait! You already have an in-built calendar (on both iOS and Android) devices. So, why this? Well, Peek is not your average calendar. This efficient scheduling app has a sleek interface, that can help you take a 'sneak peek' into upcoming events, scheduled meetings and other notifications faster than other apps. Peek has some really cool features, including interactive and immersive gestures. Completely customisable and flexible, the Peek calendar costs $2.99, but honestly, it is worth every penny.

Spendee: A simple, easy to use app that keeps track of your budgets and finance. It also provides an analysis of your income and expenditure through infographics. You can manually add savings / expenses or choose to connect your bank account. Spendee brings me back to reality, every time I feel like splurging on a luxury time (unless, of course, I have saved enough over time to buy it).

Outfit Details: Zara, Adidas Originals and Swatch

Well, these are some of my favourite apps to stay organised. The ones that keep me hooked on to my phone, when I am not typing updates or editing images / clips for social media. Time management is quite a task in this fast paced life, that often throws surprises at you. However, these apps do their bit and ensure you stay on track in between a hectic week.

Shot by: Ranveer Lovely Dua

Location: JW Sahar, Mumbai

Hair and MUA: Reeshik for Team Dancebee

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