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The biggest question through 2 hours and 19 minutes of Kaabil was: how do Hrithik Roshan and Yami Gautam look so good?! It almost seems like they have emerged from a beauty product advert, with the perfect look and smile. But then, the film is a lot more than just two extremely good looking lead actors, packed with moments that will send shivers down your spine. Read on to know more:

The basic plot of film maker Sanjay Gupta's Kaabil is neither new nor unpredictable; it is everything you have seen before. Yet, there are a few elements that stand out as the highlight in this gripping tale, that has a visually impaired protagonist at the helm of things.

Rohan (Roshan) - a voice artiste meets Supriya (Gautam) - a visually impaired pianist and the two fall in love. All goes well for the newly married couple, who are very much in love, until disaster strikes. Tragedy befalls their happy space, when Supriya is mercilessly raped by a couple of goons, mainly Rohit Roy as Amit Shelar (the constantly drunk, beefed up baddie, who can’t stop leching at women). These goons have strong political connections. Enter Ronit Roy as Madhavrao Shelar, a powerful politician, who takes it upon himself to protect his younger brother - Amit. Meanwhile, corrupt police officers (Girish Kulkarni, Narendra Jha) refuse to help Rohan (duh!). Amidst all this, Rohan takes it upon himself to plan an organised vendetta against the baddies. The climax is sure to keep you hooked, with an unexpected twist. So much, that the audience couldn't stop themselves from clapping.

The climax is sure to keep you hooked, with unexpected twists. So much, that the audience couldn't stop themselves from clapping

While the first half of Kaabil is packed with a series of unfortunate events, making it drastic and intense, the second half is full of vengeance. During the first half, certain scenes will leave you speechless, with goosebumps. However, it's unfortunate how certain technical aspects of the film don’t stand out. While one would want the BG score of a well paced film like this to create an impact, it doesn’t do much. Even the soundtrack does nothing to add to the film. The dialogues are average, with perhaps just the exception of "Hum kamzor nahi hain," a line often repeated in the film, that serves as an idea of empowerment for the visually impaired. But then, that's about it. The other dialogues don't really charge you up.

But, that's where Hrithik Roshan comes to the rescue. As the vulnerable yet determined Rohan, it is Roshan who stands out as the highlight of this film and delivers a terrific performance. It is very evident that the actor has put in a considerable amount of effort for his role. This is undoubtedly Roshan’s film all the way and he gives it his best with a fine act. Yami Gautam, after a point, is just trying to pull a 'damsel in distress' with little success. But, we have to confess, she does pull off a girl next door look pretty well. Roy’s Madhav Shellar tends to be occasionally loud, but overall, the actor does a good job as the badass political figure. Performances by the rest of the ensemble cast is just ho-hum.

It is Hrithik Roshan as the determined Rohan who stands out as the highlight of this film and delivers a terrific performance

Kaabil is a romantic-thriller filled with tragedies, violence and some major twists. But as you leave the cinema hall, what stays with you is Roshan's impactful performance. Kaabil is all about Roshan, as the incredibly talented actor gives it his all to the film, delivering one of his best performances till date.

Verdict: This is a Hrithik Roshan film all the way. Go out and watch Kaabil, only for him!

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