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After a super packed weekend, we finally (better late than never) caught up with Nishikant Kamat’s much awaited directorial venture - Madaari, during the week. While we expected the occupancy to be around below-average, we were quite happy to see afternoon shows running with close to 40% seats filled. After close to two weeks at the cinemas, the film has performed very well, with appreciation coming in from both the audience and the film fraternity.

Madaari tells the tale of a man in anguish, who seeks justice after losing almost everything in a disaster. It’s the fight of a common man against the corrupt system, that continues to plague the society at large. Although at first thought, one can’t help but mark the uncanny resemblances between A Wednesday and the sequences that unfold in Madaari, the latter shines out in it’s own way. The film attempts to give a much needed jolt to the citizens, forcing them to wake up and save the country from drowning in corruption, before it is too late. But at the core, Madaari is also a poignant father - son story, with some wonderful emotional moments that are bound to leave you teary eyed.

In case you are one of those who still haven’t seen the film, we give you reasons to do so this week:

Ensemble cast: Kamat is a pro at getting together the perfect cast in almost all his films. In Madaari, we are treated to some fine performances by Jimmy Shergill and Tushar Dalvi, among others. The minister’s son too performs very well.

The Plot: Most of us have taken to Twitter or discussed the way we have suffered setbacks due to the negligence of those in power. Madaari perfectly showcases the plight of the ‘aam aadmi’ and his constant struggle to avoid getting exploited by the corrupt. There are instances where you might go, “Hey! This has happened to me,” and then, go on to realise that it is no one else but ourselves to be blamed for the mess that we see around us. The story of this film is raw, real and relatable.

Cinematography: If we had to pick any one major technical highlight of the film, it has to be Avinash Arun’s cinematography. He makes even the most simple background look beautiful, while ensuring that we don’t lose focus from the characters on screen.

Irrfan Khan’s performance: Reserved the best for the last. Has Irrfan ever disappointed us? The actor, who continues to make India proud as a global artist, delivers a power packed performance. An act so flawless and natural, that it almost looks he isn’t acting at all! He puts his heart and soul to essay Nirmal Kumar and showcases a variety of different shades through his character, all in the same film. Safe to say that he is the driving force of Madaari, and the one who makes your trip to cinema hall to watch this film totally worth it!

Verdict: Madaari is beautifully inspiring, and deserves a watch, especially for the brilliance that is Irrfan Khan!

Have you seen the film? Do let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!

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