5 Must Have Bras for Every Woman

Most women stress on buying the right outfit, that not only matches their personality, but also the occasion. But, most of them forget that it is equally, or perhaps more important to feel good from the inside. No, I am not here to discuss soul searching or any form of meditation. I am talking about the need to zero in on the right Bra. We get so lost in trying to get everything right, that we often forget the most basic necessity - a well fitted bra, that is actually the right style and size. In a country that is still opening up to the concept of investing in lingerie and buying a bra according to the cup and band size (and not just any random S, M or XL), it is also important to understand that things don’t just stop there. Just like there is an outfit for every occasion, we need to have a bra that goes well with every outfit (and provides perfect support and comfort).

For those who are still confused, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of the 5 bra styles that are a must have for every woman, irrespective of age, size, activity or occasion. 

1. Everyday Bra
The basic bralette or the good ol’ everyday bra is what you will find yourself in on most days. These do the basic job of providing good support and comfort. These come in both wired and the non-wired variety, and are mostly non-padded. If you end up finding a super comfortable bralette, that you cannot let go of, ensure you stock up on them in different basic colours (nude is a must). Ensure you re-stock in every 5-6 months (or as soon as the bra loses it’s fit).

2. Strapless Bra
This is a must have for all those who swear by outfits that range from cold shoulders to strapless or even halter. Good to go with necklines that are scooped, boatneck or square. Your best bet would be a Nude coloured bra, but you can still go ahead and experiment with colours (or best, stick to black). Make you check that the bra comes with the perfect rubber grip and has at least three hooks. You don’t want a bra that keeps sliding down, do you?

[L to R] - Triumph everyday bra and La Senza strapless bra

3. Multiway Bra 
On days when you decide to wear a one-shoulder outfit, this bra shall be your saviour. Most women ignore this style, thinking it’s not really necessary and that they already own a strapless bra. But, it can go a long way in helping you modify your bra according to the requirement of the outfit, be it a halter, racer back or even strapless. Investing in a good multiway bra will ensure that you don’t have to stock up on multiple ‘rarely used’ styles.

4. T-shirt Bra
All of us love T-shirts. But, nobody likes the texture of a bra being visible on a well fitted tee (don’t we all hate a visible panty line? The same goes for a bra). A well fitted T-shirt bra is a must have for all those who swear by tees, and wear them on a regular basis. These bras have a contoured cup made of very thin material, making it perfect to wear under a t-shirt or anything made up of a thin fabric. Perfect to wear under a silky blouse or dress as well.

[L to R] - Multiway Bra and Triumph T-shirt bra

5. Sports Bra
This one’s for those who swear by their workout and fitness routine everyday. The biggest sin one can commit is to workout wearing a normal bra. Why on earth would you torture your breasts and further ruin the breast tissue? For those who think this style is made only those who spend hours in the gym, you are wrong. Even brisk walking in a normal bra can lead to damage, that can further lead to sagging. Be it Yoga, Walking, Running or any other activity, investing in a good Sports bra is a must. It provides the perfect support required for any activity. Also, don’t forget to check on the intensity of your activity, as that will determine the kind of sports bra you can opt for. Most top brands categorise their sports bras according to the impact of the activity.

Nike pro-rival women's sports bra

With a variety of lingerie brands, both basic and premium, available on online shopping sites and at your local mall, things have become easier for us to find the right bra, that matches our requirement and budget. Go, get yourself measured and invest in some of the must-have styles today!


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