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As a little kid, we have all been fed a healthy diet of picture perfect fairytales. The main protagonist would be an epitome of perfection. She would eat, work, dress up and even sleep so perfectly, that it would put most other girls in her kingdom to shame. But as we grew up, we realised that life is not a chapter out of our favourite fairytale. Life is a real struggle and being perfect all the time is close to impossible. No one is born perfect, so why should you live under the pressure of being perfect all the time? Even while sleeping, eh?

It gets crazy during periods. You maybe a stomach sleeper or someone who likes dozing off in the ‘marathon’ position. But, during those five days, everybody gets into the commando mode - Savdhaan! Well, ask yourself - Do you really want to disturb your sleeping pattern and position every month this way? Is it really worth it, in order to be all perfect and avoid staining sheets, to not enjoy a peaceful sleep? Let me break the bubble for you. Sleeping Ugly is cool and totally okay. By choosing the correct night pad, you can stretch, twist, turn and enjoy a good night’s sleep. Sleeping with your regular Day sanitary pad is not a really good idea (there is a reason it is referred to as a Day pad, right?) Night pads come with a wider back, which keeps you feeling fresh and comfortable and enjoy a good sleep. It helps, since no one likes a pad that keeps shifting here, there and everywhere, leading to leaks and a lot of inconvenience (plus, no sleep). We were recently introduced to the all new Sofy Bodyfit Overnight, and were challenged to swap our regular sanitary pad with the new launch, which is known to be one of India’s longest night pads. Challenges excite us, and reviewing new launches is part of our job. But, does the product live up to all that it promises? We got our team member - Neha, to try out the product. She shared her thoughts with us after her last period, and here’s a round up:

What? - Sofy Bodyfit Overnight (Sanitary Pad)
Price: Rs 79 (Pack of 5)

Available in: 350mm / XXL (Packs of 5 and 10) and 420mm / XXXL (Pack of 3)

What does it promise? - The napkin is specially designed for leakage protection at night. It is the longest pad available in India, thanks to the wider hip guard, that covers your panty from back and gives maximum coverage, thus preventing stains/leakage.

Packaging: Inside the main packet, each pad comes in a disposable cover, which makes it super easy to carry while traveling as well.

Our Experience: We tried the XXL pack (350mm) and were quite impressed with the wide hip-guard. It covers the panty well, especially from the back. This helps, especially those who twist and turn a lot during their sleep (our team member who tried the product is one of them) or those who doze off in any of these positions - starfish, sleep-fighter, crash-lander among others. These pads have a mild fragrance, which helps keeps the period odour away. The pad was thin, not too bulky. One thing that gives this product an edge above it’s competitors is the fact that the super adhesive (on both wings and side wings) ensure that the pad fits perfectly. Thanks to the super comfy dry cover, the pad did not cause any irritation or discomfort,. The product, armed with a double absorbent coat, does it’s job well (even on Day 2, when things literally lead to a blood bath), ensuring there is no leakage.

Verdict: The Sofy Bodyfit Overnight pad lives up to all the promises very well, at an affordable price. While major points are subject to an individual’s flow (that’s the case with every pad in the market), we think you should give this one a try, especially if you are bored of trying itchy sanitary pads with a plastic layer.

Have you tried the new Sofy Bodyfit Overnight? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below or Join the conversation on Twitter.

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