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The much anticipated sequel to one of 2010's most successful Marathi films, Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2 opened to a great response (packed houses during the opening weekend) at several single screen and multiplex cinemas and a good number of shows. While the first film, Mumbai Pune Mumbai, solely focused on building the relationship of lead actors, Swwapnil Joshi and Mukta Barve (and the day long story that followed their chance meeting), the sequel further delves into the journey that follows - engagement, marriage, doubts and confusions. The film also introduces new characters, mainly comprising of Joshi and Barve's (who play Gautam and Gauri) respective families. With a great cast, good songs and a popular lead pair, Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2 has everything going for it. But what's so special in it for you to ditch the other festive big ticket Hindi release and watch this film? We give you 5 reasons!

☻ Swwapnil Joshi as the Punekari Gautam is charming and adds many more dimensions to his portrayal of the character. Joshi adds a mature and emotional side to his character, but not at the risk of losing the innocence and Punekari style, which we all loved in the first film. His natural portrayal of Gautam makes the character look very relatable and real. Plus, you know that a character's "Prabhav" (charisma) has worked, when certain male audience members leave the theatre saying, "Gautam is so much like me," and female members stated, "Gautam saarkha mulga bhetla pahije."

☻ Mukta Barve as the vulnerable and confused Gauri is perfect. Her performances have always been very genuine, be it the first MPM, Jogva or even the recently released, Double Seat. She is one of the few female actors who keeps everything very real, be it her performance, appearance or body language. As Gauri, Barve expresses her confusion, fears and whirlwind of the head effortlessly.

☻ While the lead pair (Swwapnil and Mukta) are always a delight to watch, we can't take our eyes off the ensemble cast either. Veteran Actors Prashant Damle, Savita Prabhune, Asawari Joshi among others deliver honest and incredible performances, making their respective families look just like a simple and real Mumbai or Pune family. The director has played it safe by not introducing too many characters, and that helps, as the focus is solely on the two main families.

☻ Direction Satish Rajwade's simple yet impressive direction makes sure that the flow of the film is smooth. There are no loopholes whatsoever. Both the casting and cinematography of MPM2 is top notch. Editing, BG score and Music is decent. Dialogues, just like the first film, are like a cherry on the cake. There is a great mix of emotional, humorous and romantic dialogues, that stay with you even after the film ends. Although the story was good, the screenplay could have been better.

☻ In close to 150 minutes, Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2 teaches you a lot about various relationships (not just that of a to-be husband and wife). If the simple and impactful moments from the first film left a big smile on your face, the sequel will do the same. It's a breezy family entertainer, that blends several emotions perfectly and presents a picture, that is relatable for almost everyone.

Cons: While the entire film was smooth and flawless, we wish the brand tie-ups were a little less. Some of them were almost on the verge of disrupting the flow of the film.

Final Verdict: This sequel definitely has a lot of Prabhav! Go, watch it with your family and have fun. The perfect family entertainer.

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