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During my hunt for new hair leave-in (honestly, I was looking for something new, although I was quite happy with TIGI's Ego Boost Leave - In conditioner), Kérastase launched their brand new Elixir Ultime Beautifying Oil Cream. Before its official launch, their team very sweetly posted the products with a customized diary to our HQ and honestly, it couldn't have happened at a better time. The trial period began and so did the process of feeling a change in my hair. Let's face it, monsoons have more bad hair days than good ones and all the humidity, damp environment leaves us with limp or frizzy hair (depending on the hair texture). So, does Kérastase Beautifying Oil Cream live up to its expectations and serves as a good product for this weather (or for that matter, all seasons)? Keep reading to find out!

What? Kérastase Elixir Ultime Beautifying Oil Cream
Quantity: 150ml
Price: Rs 2200
Shelf life: Approximately Two years
Availability: Exclusive to all Kerastase Consultant Salons

What does it promise? Elixir crème fine is Kérastase's 1st beautifying oil day cream for all hair types: a cream of precious oils for lightweight moisturizing, protection, and flawless perfection. Hair is instantly replenished, radiant and lustrous.

Packaging: Just like all their hair products, the Kérastase beautifying oil cream comes in a classy tube with a metallic cap. The packaging looks very rich, especially due to the choice of golden hue for the tube. It is travel friendly and our personal experience was that it did not spill in the bag during a day long travel. Although similar tubes cause such problems, this one was sturdy and fuss free.

How to use? Take a pea-sized amount in your hand. Apply to the lengths and ends of dry or towel-dried hair. Gently massage the product in.

Texture: Supremely smooth and light weight. Just the way this brand likes to call it, the texture of this product is indeed like silk. A pea sized amount (or a little more, if your hair is longer than mine) is enough to go a long way and ensures that your hair gets de-tangled, feels light and smooth. The product has a little bit of shimmer, which is not visible on your hair, but it does not go unnoticed when you check your palms after application. Despite infusing oils and being a cream based product, the texture is not heavy at all.

Overall experience: I used this product regularly for a month, post wash and towel drying my hair well. During Summer, my hair goes through a lot of wear & tear, thanks to major traveling (especially under the sun during hot afternoons), different forms of work out (and tying up my hair), using hair styling equipments for shoots among other things. Plus, the humidity post Summer (mostly in June) makes my hair feel really heavy and limp. That was the major concern and most products only lead to additional build up of residue. When I started using the Kérastase Beautifying Oil Cream, the first trial felt just like most other products, although the texture was really amazing. It would make my hair feel soft and shiny for a few hours and then, all the traveling would take me back to square one. But, as you know, we do not judge anything based on just one trial. After a couple of trials, overtime, I realized the product is actually doing a good job of keeping my hair light, smooth and soft for a couple of days. By the third week, I could notice how even after several hours of work, my hair did not weigh down or feel heavy at all. I also used this along with a pre-styling cream before using the blow dryer for a shoot, and noticed how my hair did not dry out even after two days (which would happen sometimes earlier). I was the happiest when I paired this Oil cream with another product from the same - Elixir Ultime - family. I used the Kérastase Elixir Ultime Versatile Beautifying Oil as a pre-wash treatment and realized that when combined, these two products work as a magic potions for the hair. My hair felt so good, that now, the product has become a part of my hair essentials kit.

Pros: Smooth and extremely soft, light texture
Good packaging
Works overtime to ensure you get the best result
Adds a great, natural shine to your hair
Requires a small amount, so the product will last long
Perfect for all hair types and weather conditions

Cons: None

Verdict: This amazing product not only leaves your hair feeling soft and shiny, but also makes it perfect for experimenting with different hairstyles. Say goodbye to oily, heavy hair that leaves you with no option but to tie it up in a bun. This product comes to your rescue and stays true to almost everything that it promises. Its perfect for my hair and keeps it in control, especially in this confused. I highly recommend the Kérastase Beautifying Oil Cream. Give it a try!

Have you tried the Kérastase Beautifying Oil Cream or any other product from their Elixir Ultime range? Tell us about your experience on Twitter - @priyaadivarekar - Join the conversation!

Outfit & MU Details
Butterfly print dress - Reliance Trends
Leopard hand cuff - Zara
On my lips - MAC Miley Cyrus Viva Glam
Eyes - Chanel Liquid Eyeliner
Hair - Kérastase Beautifying Oil Cream (no styling equipment used)

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