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Tis' the season of love, they say. But in a world filled with so much hatred, can we afford just a day dedicated to love? Love can win any battle, topple over any form of hatred. Then why does it take time for us to acknowledge it and spread the happiness around? Spreading a little bit of love and happiness doesn't do much harm. And I am not restricting love to just certain relationships. There is so much more to it.

You can share some love with your parents, siblings, friends, a little kid living next door or even an elderly woman spotted outside a temple. A simple smile, exchange of loving words can really make someone's day. And no, it is not just restricted to humans. Go ahead and spend a fun day with your pet, or lovingly hug a stray dog after feeding him/her some biscuits. In fact, it can even be your favorite items ranging from bags, books, shoes to the best of apparel in your wardrobe. Keeping them in good condition is also a way of loving the stuff that you call your own and while shopping, you end up buying only the things that you love (unless you are someone who follows trends religiously). 
And then, of course, you need to love yourself. Because even at a time when no one's there for you, you can look into the mirror and say, "Main apni favorite hoon." So, you see, love has no boundaries, really.

Speaking of love, the word is actually quite apt for this collaboration, because everything available on India Circus spells 'Pure Love'. Visit their website and get ready to fall in love with every single piece of apparel, accessories, stationary and home decor items. Their fun, stylish and colorful prints are hard to miss. Its a lot like love at first sight. If you set your eyes on any of India Circus' beautiful products, chances are that you might not want to leave the web-store without placing an order. One look at this Elephant Bath bag and I knew I had to order it. As for the pink ballet flats, they make for a versatile pair that can go well with a variety of looks, ranging from ethnic, classic, casual to bohemian. My work buddies - I am talking about the iPad and iPhone - couldn't have asked for better sleeves and cases. While the India Circus chromatic reminiscence phone case shows off my love for cinema very well, the melange of different hues on the colourful streamer iPad sleeve adds more joy to my email replying hours. Clearly, there is a lot to love here.

I am guessing the folks at India Circus also agree with my mantra of loving yourself. So much, that this Valentine's eve, they are offering assured gifts on purchase to all the singletons out there. See, being single ain't all that bad, after all. You can indulge in some retail therapy and tell yourself, "I am who I am and I love being me." They also have an exclusive curated section, where special curated products by India Circus Design Director, Krsna Mehta, can be purchased. There is something for everyone, so don't hesitate to fill your cart with multiple goodies for your loved ones (and maybe, acquaintances or strangers too). Here's to love, and the lovely burst of colours in India Circus products! Keep spreading the joy.

Outfit Details

Grey Tee - Marks and Spencer
Asymmetrical Skirt and Gold neck piece - Forever 21
Watch - Tommy Hilfiger
Pink ballet flats, Bag and iPad sleeve - (All) India Circus

Photos by: Team Dancebee

The Dancebee

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