Master Class with Ramona Braganza - Part One (Office Exercises)

Finally, the master class that you have all been waiting for! It's been a week since we started off the Fitness Month campaign on our website and we are so grateful to all our readers, because the response have been amazing. While starting off the campaign, we promised you a series of fitness demonstration and advice videos featuring a popular celebrity trainer. Well, here we go!

Diary of a Dancebee brings you Master Fitness Class, with a popular celebrity fitness trainer, straight from Hollywood. She is none other than, Ramona Braganza. That's right, the name that is trusted by not just fitness enthusiasts, but also the who's who of the International film and music industry including Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Anne Hathaway, Ashlee Simpson among many others. We have got exclusive tips and exercise demo videos coming up on our YouTube channel, all this month, where Ramona will answer your queries and help you get fit, the healthy way.
The trainer has recently launched her book, Feel Fit Look Fantastic in 3-2-1, published by Harper Collins. Well, we have already finished reading it and Oh boy! What a wonderful and inspirational read it has been. Don't worry folks, we have got a detailed review of the book coming up soon.

This week in our Master Class sessions, we have got Ramona talking about Office Exercises.
On Twitter and Facebook, most of you asked me to question Ramona about quick exercises, that can be performed in between work, without any hardcore training equipment. Keeping in mind the crazy lifestyle that we all deal with (and despite of being all optimistic), not everyone can afford to take out a precious hour or two to train in the gym (ask me, spending twelve hours in office was no joke). So, here's Ramona teaching a few exercises, which if done regularly, can not only help in maintaining your shape, but will also help improve your posture. Watch!

Keep watching this space (and subscribe to our YouTube Channel) for more Master Class videos.

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