Little Miss Sunshine!

"Happy girls are the prettiest. You are certainly one of them. But, let me remind you, that you are responsible for making several people around you look pretty everyday. Happy Birthday, little miss sunshine."
This simple message sent by a dear friend living across the seven seas (well, almost) was enough to make me smile on my birthday. There is nothing better than happiness, no matter how big or small the occasion is.

 In this fast paced life, stress and teeny - weeny worries can easily take a toll on you. And that's when you realize that finding happiness in the smallest of things can bring a much needed smile on your face. It's not always that you need accessories or expensive items to brighten up your day. A simple, heartfelt smile and the will to spread happiness can make you prettier than any LV or Prada clad lady standing across the street.
Maybe, that's the reason why I love birthdays. Those who know me well will tell you how much I love them.
And when it comes down to my own, well, I love seeing happy faces everywhere and can't stop smiling myself.

They say, why be happy when birthdays actually mean that you are turning a year older. Growing up means more responsibilities, additional skin care, no more 'I am just a kid' talks, saving account woes and the likes. 
I say, why so serious? Aren't there enough problems in this world to make even your special day sound so boring? Yes, focusing on your career goals is extremely important. And so are plans of buying a bigger house, a swanky car and staying safe with a strong bank balance.
But don't you deserve to do something that makes you happy from within? 

Being a self confessed workaholic, I can say that it is absolutely necessary to take time out of your crazy schedule and enjoy the small joys that this world has to offer. 
Observe the beautiful nature, enjoy the cold breeze, dance in the rain, sit by the roadside and enjoy a Kala Khatta ice gola, distribute chocolates to needy children, do a moonwalk in the middle of nowhere, feed some healthy food to a group of stray dogs, join your family on a long walk in the night, feed a few birds and give them some water or just give your best friend, parent or loved one a big bear hug. The list is endless and you never know, how and when you might just end up making that individual's or your own day special.

I feel blessed whenever I make someone happy. It can be through random snack parties, chocolate distribution, a simple festival wish or impromptu gifting. That's just how I am.

There are enough people who are constantly trying to bog you down and spread negativity, hatred and jealously. Let's try to be different and spread happiness, smiles and lots of hugs instead.

Let's make this world a happy place and become little miss sunshine's in our own way.

Outfit Details

Dress - Tommy Hilfiger

Shoes - Zara

Necklace - Forever 21

Watch: Gift


  1. You look pretty!
    and I love birthdays too.
    Agree with each word written here, Love.


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