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It's Easter Sunday! Here's wishing all the amazing readers Happy Easter. May god bless you all with happiness and lots of love. Dove recently launched a new range, which focuses on repairing the split ends of your hair. We know that  'split ends' is of the biggest concerns for a girl, especially those who have long hair. As the length of your hair increases, the tips of your hair become more prone to damage. With new products under the split end rescue system range, Dove promises to give your hair a beautiful ending.  But, has it managed to pass the Dancebee's test? Read the review to find out.

Dove claims: The Split end rescue system has 1/4 moisturizing milk, which nourishes your hair and it's breakthrough split-end technology corrects hair damage to give you up to 4x less split-ends.

My experience: The Dove team emailed me to inform that they will be sending a sample of their new range. Must say, I was impressed with the packaging of the products. Being a fan of their Daily shine range, I went ahead and decided to try the split-end rescue system shampoo and conditioner. For this review, the products were tried for a period of 15 days. Although the tips of my hair are not prone to much damage, the current weather in Mumbai has resulted in my hair becoming very dry and rough. The shampoo smells a lot like the other Dove shampoos (its not very strong) and lathers up pretty well. The conditioner is light and not very greasy. After using the shampoo-conditioner combo for a few days, I could feel that the tips of my hair were softer (compared to what it was a few days back).  The only problem here is that although my hair looked shiny, it left my scalp slightly dry.

- Affordable, as is the case with all the Dove shampoos and conditioners

- Good fragrance, which lingers on for quite sometime

- Conditioner is light weight and non greasy


- Might leave your scalp dry

- Can Dove do something about those Silicones? Please?

Price: Shampoo - 80 ml for Rs 68, 180 ml for Rs 132, 650 ml for Rs 349
Conditioner - 70 ml for Rs 68, 170 ml for Rs 132

Value for Money: Yes! Dove products are reasonable and well priced.

Final verdict: Don't think twice. Buy the split end rescue range if you have always wanted to get rid of your split ends. But if you are looking for a daily use shampoo, then you have better options in the market.

Rating: 3.5/5

Note: This product was sent by Dove for review
Views and opinions in this post are the Blogger's own

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