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It's that time of the year when the chilly weather, afternoon humidity, cold winds in the evening and indoor heat takes a toll on your skin (at-least here, it does). Post all the NYE parties and lazy holiday moments, your skin needs some really good pampering. As we are already in the middle of January, there will also be some changes in the weather very soon. You definitely don't want your skin to suffer in the midst all this, do you? So, here's a list of Top 5 products that should make their way into your bags, on the bedside table and everywhere else, along with some skincare tips!

1. Get those cream cleansers out - If you are using a normal cleanser, it's time you ditch it for the cream version. Those with dry skin cannot afford to continue with the same face wash that they use during spring-summer. Not all the cream cleansers are as strong as other face washes, especially if you want to get rid of make-up. But then, you can always invest some extra time in removing it all with a soft cotton and make-up remover, right? You face needs to be hydrated all the time and a cream cleanser will keep your skin soft and supple.

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2. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize your face - You drink water everyday, because it is a basic necessity. Then, why don't you moisturize your face regularly? Your face needs its share of replenishment too. That's when a face moisturizer comes to your rescue. Believe me, the perfect moisturizer can do wonders to your skin. Always pick the one that suits your skin and not what your favorite actress uses! And please, don't fall prey to 'sundhar nikhar fatafat' advertisements.

3. Moisturize Moisturize and did I say, Moisturize again - A good moisturizer can work wonders for your skin. It's easier said than done, because many people opt for a moisturizer that does not even suit their skin type. The skin on your body tends to become extremely dry during the winter and you need a moisturizer to lock some extra moisture in your skin. If you don't like the variety with fragrance, there are many fragrance-free body lotions available in the market.

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4. Say goodbye to chapped knees, elbows and hands - Chapped, flaky elbows, hands etc is the worst thing ever. It's highly irritating, especially when you are out with your friends to watch a movie or working in the office and the air conditioner makes things worst. Always carry a multipurpose, hydrating cream. Use it on the go and your skin will thank you for it.

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5. Save thy lips - The skin on our lips is super sensitive, and there are no oil glands to protect them. Most of us only care for our body and facial skin, but it's extremely important to take care of your lips. They can become extremely chapped and dry during winter. Both extreme heat and cold can lead to dry lips. Keep one in your bag, office desk and bedside table. Take some extra care - drink plenty of water and avoid licking your lips too often to protect your lips.

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Do you have a special skincare regime for winter? Share it with us!


  1. Nyc post...Will try out TBS vitamin e facewash fr sure...
    I also love the VLCC liquorice cold cream fr winters...

    1. Never tried VLCC products, but thank you for the recommendation! :)


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