Save your Skin from the October heat

 Rains have almost bid adieu and October heat has left people across the country feeling tired. It's not just your body, but skin and hair as well that suffer the wrath of this terrible heat. With the temperature soaring and the humidity sinking fast , how do you keep yourself looking beautiful and healthy for Diwali, which is coming up next month?
Here are a few tips that can save your skin and hair from the crazy October heat:
1. Protect your skin from the sun: Save your skin from the harsh sun, especially in the afternoon. Use a scarf to cover your face during the peak hours (10 am to 3 pm) or carry a hat with you. A good sunscreen lotion or cream is a must.
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2. Lesser is better: Heavy moisturisers and too much make up may lead to your pores getting clogged up and might leave your skin heavy and greasy. Let it breathe. Buy a good face wash and wash it twice a day (Make sure you don't over do it, as it can strip off the essential oils from your skin). Use water- based products, and avoid cream- based ones.
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3. Let your clothes do the talking:  Due to the humidity, you might end up having rashes on your skin if you wear tight clothes or clothes which are made up of synthetic fabric.  Stick to clothes made of Cotton or something lighter, that is airy and comfortable. Who says you can't follow the top trends during the October heat? Of course you can! Opt for prints or go for the minimalist look, the choice is yours.
4. Hair Care is a Must: Due to the heat, your hair might turn coarse and dry. Invest in a good serum or leave in conditioner, which can protect your hair. Also, avoid washing your hair everyday. Twice or thrice a week will do. Use a shampoo that cleanses your scalp and follow it up with a conditioner or mask, which will keep your locks healthy and soft. If you have long hair, tie them up into a pony or roll them up into a bun while travelling, especially if you are drive a bike. This protects your hair from the sun. Opt for a short crop or go for a trim, your hair needs a salon appointment during the October heat!
Hope you will benefit from this post, as the October heat might extend till the first fortnight of November (According to the weather bureaus in India).

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